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How to Style Baggy Pants In Winter

Baggy pants are back, slim pants are becoming less and less popular, and they are outdated, maybe they will come back one day, but at least in this era, they belong to baggy pants. Maybe it still existed as a subculture among skateboard teenagers before, but now baggy pants have become the focus of the center of the stage. I believe you must understand what we are talking about. Compared with baggy pants, slim pants make us uncomfortable. And if we don't manage our weight well, our legs and waist will suffocate! It reminds us all the time that we have no self-discipline, why should we abuse ourselves like this? ! And from the fashion weeks in recent years, I believe you can see baggy pants from time to time. They are returning to the mainstream. Last year, there was a movement to cancel skinny jeans on TikTok! If you don't already have baggy pants, it's time to add a new pair to your wardrobe! Before that, let's take a look at how Korean men wear baggy pants!

How To Style Baggy Pants In Winter | Men Style Guide

In winter, men's daily wear, baggy pants seem to have no sense of existence, but in fact, really trendy people prefer "baggy pants" in winter. In terms of style, loose baggy pants completely relax the requirements for the figure, easily achieve the effect of covering the flesh. Even if you want to wear a few more "thermal underwear" in winter to get warmer, it can be completely covered under baggy pants. Keep your grace and fashion.