In winter, men's daily wear, baggy pants seem to have no sense of existence, but in fact, really trendy people prefer "baggy pants" in winter. In terms of style, loose baggy pants completely relax the requirements for the figure, easily achieve the effect of covering the flesh. Even if you want to wear a few more "thermal underwear" in winter to get warmer, it can be completely covered under baggy pants. Keep your grace and fashion.
In terms of matching, baggy pants can also be easily matched with various outerwear, presenting a diversified fashion trend so that your winter wear is no longer monotonous, and you can quickly become a fashionista.
This winter, you might as well get baggy pants and combine various designs and styles of short coats to create a notable fashion trend. Baggy pants are the actual trend. Get these ways to wear and match the baggy pants, which are warm, fashionable, and stylish. 

There are many baggy pants to choose from, and you can't go wrong starting with the material

In men's daily outfits, baggy pants are actually very diverse. Baggy pants made of different materials and designs show entirely different styles. You can start from the material, choose the most suitable piece, and present a fashion style that is not wrong.

①Denim material has personality

The baggy pants in men's collocation often look more ordinary. Usually, straight-shaped design with super loose trousers, showing the effect of casual wear. The crisp denim material will make the lines of the legs look more straight, and the whole person will be more angular and individual.


②Carge Materials Are Age-Reducing And Trendy

Although the material of cotton and linen, which is full of cargo-style, is the same as that of denim, both have a full effect of reducing age, but the specific styles presented by the two are pretty different. Workwear style items will give people an unfettered street feel, combined with the wide trousers to make it more casual and greatly enhance the sense of trend



③The corduroy material is unique and eye-catching


In contrast, the corduroy material seems rarer, and the shape created is unique. The corduroy material often has a slight heaviness and gives the pants a bit more softness to show a quite warm wearing effect. The shape is unique and eye-catching without losing its fashion.



④Fleece material is dynamic

The baggy pants made of softer fleece materials are still suitable in winter. Regardless of the fleece's fabric, it does not show the effect of sharp lines and sharp edges, but it can be combined with the loose pants to create a unique sense of movement and vitality, adding a bit of freshness to the dull winter.



How to style baggy pants? Baggy Pants + Short Coat!


So far, you may already have your favorite baggy pants choice, but don't rush to buy it first. We will tell you which tops to match with baggy pants, so you have many inspirations and options.


Of course, the hoodie must also be a hoodie. Whether worn solo or with other tops, hoodies exist in almost all men's wardrobes. You can also choose a hoodie to combine with baggy pants, presenting a practical and versatile fashion effect.


 Hoodie + Baggy Pants

The easiest way to wear a hoodie and baggy pants is the same color or similar colors so that the overall coordination can be consistent and the shape is simple and stylish at the same time. Of course, anti-color is also OK. That is another style with distinct levels.



Vest + Hoodie + Baggy Pants


The advanced way of wearing a combination of a hoodie and baggy pants is layered, which gets warmer and makes the shape look more layered, and the collocation is, therefore, more fashionable. A dark-toned vest is superimposed on the outside of the hoodie, which does not appear to be too unconventional, but can significantly enhance the sense of layering of the shape and get rid of the monotony and mediocrity of the collocation.



Or wear a stand-up collar jacket over the hoodie, like a fleece jacket, varsity Jacket, or denim jacket is OK too, showing a unique fashion trend, highlighting the extraordinary fashion charm. The casual baggy pants combined with a fantastic hoodie can easily catch people's attention.


②  Short Winter Coat + Baggy Pants


Short winter coats will be your new choice if a hoodie can no longer give you warmth in the severe winter. They will still show great looks if they are matched together. Fashionable men will choose this combination, allowing you to lead the winter fashion trend while easily keeping you warm.

  •  Choose similar tones to create a harmonious look

When dressing up in winter, people often choose dark-toned items to present fashionable styles in line with seasonal features and prevent collocation from becoming inconsistent. The combination of a short winter coat and baggy pants can quickly eliminate the dull feeling of winter even if you choose dark colors.


When men choose black cotton clothes, they worry that the thick and full-feeling material will make the whole person cumbersome and unfavorable. And the baggy pants with a sense of spaciousness can just be balanced with it, making the style more casual and bold, and the combination of the same color is more harmonious.




  • Grey tones are stylish

In addition to black collocation, men can also choose gray tones to shape their styles to make their outfits look more stylish. You don't have to stick to the straight shape when selecting a top. The A-line short top can also bring an extension effect visually. It is simple to match with baggy pants without losing the sense of design, making the shape look brighter.



③ Multi-color wear shows stylish and handsome


In addition to black and gray, you might as well try some more innovative color schemes to add a touch of unique color to the monotonous winter. Who said that light-colored collocation is not practical in winter? Whether light-colored short winter coats or baggy pants can significantly increase your sense of trend.


  • Top Light Bottom Dark

When choosing light color matching for the thick winter coat, the overall shape will be slight swelling, but it will not appear too bulky. At this time, you can match baggy pants with a darker color to make the overall temperament calmer and create a fashionable look that is youthful but vigorous.



When the baggy pants choose fresh colors, the overall style will change again. The combination of a dark-toned short top and light-colored baggy pants will make the broad match look lighter, the overall tone is lit, and the whole person becomes vigorous.



The combination of a short winter coat and baggy pants will expand the overall line horizontally, making the match look rather casual. Although this combination will not make you look long legs, it is also difficult to show a thin and tall figurer e. Still, the fresh and trendy feel will significantly increase, and it will be easy to transform into a fashionable man.



If you want to show a unique trend to wear in the winter but also want to keep warm, the combination of a short winter coat and baggy pants is the best choice. Although the single-piece version is very loose, the inclusiveness of the figure should not be underestimated. It seems that the thick underwear that should not appear in the fashion world can also be perfectly hidden in wide trousers, making you trendy and comfortable.