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Best 20 Leather Front Pocket Wallets You Shoulder Have

As the name suggests, it is a wallet placed in the jacket's inner pocket, compared to the wallet placed in the back pocket of the trousers. They are usually slim and small. They usually couldn't carry many cards and bills. Perfect for occasions and crowds where you don't have much to carry and don't need to worry about wallet theft.

Top 30 Front Pocket Wallet for Men 2021 - iwalletsmen

What is a front pocket wallet?
A front pocket wallet is smaller than a usual back pocket wallet. Despite its small shape and portable size, it can actually function like a regular purse does! It also got a lot of advantages despite its limited structure.

Top 30 Slim Wallet for Men - iwalletsmen

Slim wallets can be short or long, simple and extra-vagant. Different styles and sizes were made to cater all kinds of preferences and one's taste! So if you're looking for a more easy-to-carry wallet, have one of our slim wallets. We have provided a collection, so it would be easier for you to choose one for you! Remember, a wallet can also be a representation of yourself! Have fun browsing, and hopefully you find what's best for you!