Want a wallet, but don't actually like the feeling of carrying it in your pockets? Then, we got what you need! What you might be looking for is a front pocket wallet!
What is a front pocket wallet?
A front pocket wallet is smaller than a usual back pocket wallet. Despite its small shape and portable size, it can actually function like a regular purse does! It also got a lot of advantages despite its limited structure.
Firstly, credit cards fit perfectly into it. Thus, making them securely kept and making them last longer. Cards inside it are not pressured when a user is sitting or bending.
Secondly, the exterior is in style and simple. It is always neat and won't show any signs of being worn out. It is not stuffed with lots of items, making it much nicer to look at. Commonly, it is whipped out in the open for them to see.
Thirdly, capacity. Even though it's small in size, it can actually hold multiple cards and even numerous folded cash as most of front pocket wallets are expandable.
Lastly, security. Front pocket wallets are not easy to steal because of its added feature- RFID that enhances the anti-theft function of this accessory. They are quite safeguarded because they stay in the front pockets.
Front pocket wallet is not as popular as long wallets or billfold, but surely it's getting lots of attention these days. Let's change your style in wallet needs as we introduce you our latest collection of styled front pocket wallets.
- Slim and portable, this front pocket wallet serves as a card wallet and a coin purse for change and cents! It's easy to carry and use. No need to worry about it being lost as it is protected with a strap that comes with a magnetic button! Available in different colors- red brown, vintage brown, black, tan and dark brown.
- This front pocket wallet comes with an amazing interior design! It is structured with an extra slot inside for coins! The larger compartment is for cash! The wallet itself is sealed with a zipper that serves as an added protection. Available in brown and coffee, it measures 10.5cm x 10cm x 2cm.
- Same size as a phone, this front pocket wallet is composed of different features for cards, change and cash! It is so functional that is incredibly fit into a portable size. It can hold more than three cards. It has a measurement of 12cm x 8cm x 1cm and is available in two colors- tan and coffee.
- If you're someone who prefers a simpler version of a front pocket wallet, then this one is for you! It is portable and is only composed of one slot that accommodates all your belongings! Easy to carry and use, this wallet is popular among men. Available in red brown and coffee- it measures 10cm x 8cm x 0.5cm.
- This slip in front pocket wallet is convenient to carry around because of its portable size. It is featured with two slots only to accommodate both cards and folded cash. It is toughen with stitches around its edges. Measuring 10cm x 8cm x 0.5cm, it is available in red brown.
- Cool and slim, this front pocket wallet is packed with useful features. It servers as a card wallet, a coin purse and a money clip. You can either slide it into your pocket or clip it onto your belt. It is secured with a strap and a magnetic button. Available colors are vintage coffee, vintage brown, gray and camel.
- Designed to protect your small valuables, this front card wallet comes with an RFID. It is structured for anti-theft. Moreover, it got multiple slots for cards and folded bills. It has a measurement of 11.2cm x 8.5cm x 0.5cm. This wallet is available in brown color only. You can have this wallet around without the worry of having it stolen!
- One that can accommodate multiple cards in a small fit is this front pocket wallet. It is portable that's why it is convenient and easy to slip into pockets! Cards are protected with a strap on it, so it won't get off the slots. It also has an extra zippered purse for coins. It measures 11cm x 9cm x 0.5cm. Colors available are brown, vintage brown, black, black coffee and dark brown.
- Handy-dandy, this front pocket wallet is personal favorite of many. Despite its small size, it can actually hold numerous cards securely and in place. It comes in three available colors- brown, coffee and black. It has a measurement of 11.5cm x 8cm x 0.5cm. It's a good wallet choice for someone who likes convenient accessories.
- Comes with round edges with stitches along it, this front pocket wallet executes simplicity. Though it only has one slot for everything- including cards and cash, it remains a useful wallet! It provides security to your valuables as they are protected with a strap that can be closed with a magnetic button!
- Another front pocket wallet on our list that comes with an RFID feature is this card wallet! It can accommodate multiple cards and folded cash all at the same time. It has an extra layer of zippered sleeve for change or coins. If you want your cash and cards protected, try this one out and be amazed of its additional techie feature!
- Let's get your attention and take a look at this bifold front pocket wallet of ours! Simple in design yet executes durability due to the stitches tailored around it! It can keep cards and full cash in different slots. You can also slip in other IDs as well! You can have this wallet in two colors- blue and red brown.
- Functionality-wise, this wins our vote. This front pocket wallet serves as a convenient card wallet for everyone who likes it! It has slots both inside and out, and can hold up to 4 cards or more. If you have cash, you can also slip it in the slots! Simple in design, this wallet is available in three colors-- tan, black and coffee.
- Minimalist in design, this front pocket wallet is an ultimate must have on your list! Low key in style and not so complicated in function, this wallet is packed with slots made for cards and folded cash! Have yours now and choose from brown, coffee and black. It measures 11.5cm x 8cm x 0.5cm.
- Adorable in size, this front pocket wallet comes in dual purposes because of its capacity. It can accommodate cards, cash and even coins or change. It is featured with slots for each one of them. Moreover, it is securely protected with a strap that comes with a magnetic button. Colors available are brown and coffee.
- This front pocket wallet is more than just a purse because it also has additional features for multiple cards. So if you want both of them stored securely in separated slots, then this wallet is for you! Colors available are black, dark brown and gray. It measures 11.5cm x 9cm x 7cm.
- One that you can carry anywhere you go is this front pocket wallet. Made of leather, this wallet measures 11cm x 8cm x 0.8cm. This wallet has separate slots for cards, folded cash and change or coins. Despite its small size, it's incredibly useful. It is available in two colors- brown and black.
- Simplicity at its finest, this front pocket wallet has it all when it comes to a low-key accessory. It only has three slots for cards, cash and coins. Nevertheless, you can still use it to store all of them in one place. Available colors are brown and coffee while it measures 10.5cm x 8cm x 1.5cm.
- Braided and bifold, this front pocket wallet is a good storage for your wallet needs. It has numerous and divided slots for cash and full bill cash. You can actually slip plenty of paper money in it. It has a measurement of 11.5cm x 9cm x 2cm and is available in black.
- Do you fancy wallet made of distressed leather? Then, this one is for you! Colors available are tan and coffee-- it comes with a measurement of 10cm x 8.5cm x 1cm. It is small, yet can be folded into two.. It has different compartments for cards and a roomy slot for full cash. Convenient and easy to use!
- This one-slot front pocket wallet is suitably best for people who don't like carrying to much stuff with them. It is made of authentic leather with stitches along the edges for added durability. It only has an expandable compartment for both cards and folded cash. Color available is coffee.
- Perfect for formal occasions, this front pocket wallet got you! The color is elegant with a shade of coffee. It has stitches along the edges that added sophistication to the exterior. It is a one-slip wallet that can store both cash and cards. It is securely sealed with a strap cover. Measurement is 10.5cm x 8.4cm x 0.5cm.
- Envelope-like, this front pocket wallet comes handy-dandy because it's lightweight. Larger than a typical card wallet, this one is more spacious but only has one slot for all small valuables. Nevertheless, it can still hold numerous cards and folded cash. With a measurement of 10cm x 8cm x 0.5cm, color available is red brown.
- This slim front pocket wallet is one that comes in an uncomplicated design. Bifold and made of genuine leather, this wallet is packed three spacious compartment for cards and folded cash. It has a measurement of 10cm x 8cm x 0.5cm and comes in color of dark brown. This wallet suits people who like it casual and formal at the same time.
- Crafted by skilled artisans, this handmade front pocket wallet is an exquisite selection from our list. The color is so special that comes in two-- coffee and brown. Exterior is decorated with stitches along the edges. Small in size, it can actually keep your cards and cash securely in place. 11cm x 8cm x 0.5cm is its measurement.
- This front pocket wallet is lightweight and portable that's why most men choose it over bulky ones! It is handmade of quality leather. You can either slip cash or folded cash in it easily. It can be conveniently put into a pocket. Coffee is the color while it measures 11cm x 8cm x 0.5cm.
- Money clipper and a card wallet at the same time, this front pocket has it both! Simply black in color but made of authentic leather, this wallet executes elegance in a not so complicated style. It can hold more than 3 cards and clip folded cash on it. It measures 11.5cm x 8.2cm. This suits men who prefer low-key style.
- Incredibly featured with dual functions, this front pocket wallet can work as a purse, a coin wallet or a card/billfold wallet. It comes in different vibrant colors- brown, yellow, red, coffee and black. Its interior spacious that's why you can put more small valuables inside it. It measures 10cm x 8cm x 2cm.
- This front pocket wallet can easily catch attention because of its exterior design. It has an extra pocket on the front for added storage- it can either hold earphones or change. All in all, this wallet is extra functional because it also has a zippered slot for cash, card or coins. Black, coffee, red, yellow and brown are the available colors.
- Last but not the least, this front pocket wallet is made of distressed soft leather that can come in attractive colors--- brown, black, coffee and red. It is sealed with a magnetic button for added protection. Inside, it has three divided slots for cash, coins/change and cards. It goes with a measurement of 11cm x 8cm x 1.5cm.