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20 Best Korean Men Early Fall Outfits Ideas in 2022

With the passing of the extremely hot weather in July and August, although the sun is still shining, it can be felt that the temperature is gradually decreasing. The temperature in early autumn determines that we don't need to wear so thick, but short-sleeved and shorts need us to be replaced. Korean fashion men know how to find the best balance between temperature and demeanor. Familiar pieces and different collocations will definitely refresh you.
Without further ado, let's see how Korean men bring us a different street fashion in the cool breeze of early autumn!

How To Wear High Waist Pants in Fall Like Korean Men?

High waist pants are not new styles. After the fifty generations of the last century, it fell twice in the middle, but now it seems that it will return to the center of the stage again. After all, the classic pieces will always come back. In Asia, men's height is generally lower than that of European and American men, so high -waist pants that can change the proportion of the body, will frequently appear in Asian fashion. Especially Korean fashion men. They will not only reflect the style of high -waist pants in classic jeans, and colleagues are extended to other pants, such as a variety of pleated pants, such as straight-Leg, ankle pants, trousers, and even shorts. The opening of the mind has made high waist pants a new vitality, which not only greatly expands the definition of high waist pants, but also brings a different style to world fashion.
Not much nonsense, let's see how fashion Korean men master high waist pants!