High waist pants are not new styles. After the fifty generations of the last century, it fell twice in the middle, but now it seems that it will return to the center of the stage again. After all, the classic pieces will always come back. In Asia, men's height is generally lower than that of European and American men, so high -waist pants that can change the proportion of the body, will frequently appear in Asian fashion. Especially Korean fashion men. They will not only reflect the style of high -waist pants in classic jeans, and colleagues are extended to other pants, such as a variety of pleated pants, such as straight-Leg, ankle pants, trousers, and even shorts. The opening of the mind has made high waist pants a new vitality, which not only greatly expands the definition of high waist pants, but also brings a different style to world fashion.
Not much nonsense, let's see how fashion Korean men master high waist pants!

1.White Midweight Cotton Slim Fit Tucked In Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Light Khaki High Waist Classic-Fit Pleated Dress Pants + Black Brogue Shoes


2.Vintage Brown Leather Moto Jacket Shoulder Padding + White Lightweight Tucked In Loose Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Stone Gray Baggy Loose High Waist Straight-Leg Casual Pants + Black Flatform Brogue Shoes


3.Light Khaki Loose Casual Cardigan Sweater + White Tucked In T-Shirt + Stone Gray Slim Fit High Waist Ankle Pleated Pants+ White Leather Lace-up Trainers


4.Black Loose Tucked In Denim Shirt + Black High Waist Straight-Leg Jeans + Light Camel Suede Leather Oxfords


5.Black Tucked In Slim FIt Mock Neck T-Shirt + Black Slim Fit Tapered High Waist Ankle Dress Pants + Black Crew Socks + Black Brogue Shoes


6.Gray Tucked In Fit Button up Dress Shirt + Black High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants + German Army Trainer GAT Shoes


7.Dark Coffee Loose Trucker Leather Jacket + White Tucked In T-Shirt + Black High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants + Black Low Top Lace Up Canvas Shoes


8.Light Gray Baggy Loose Casual Suit + White Tucked In T-Shirt + White Lace Up Canvas Shoes


9.Classic Blue Denim Jacket + Black Graphic T-Shirt + Black High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants + Black Low Top Lace Up Canvas Shoes


10.Cool White Tucked In Lace Up Button Shirt + Black Baggy Loose Bell-bottoms Pleated Pants Black Square Toe Platform Loafers Dress Shoes


11.Black Loose Long Blazer + White Tucked In T-Shirt + Black High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants + White Lace Up Canvas Shoes


12.Yellow&Black Plaided Loose Long Sleeve Button Shirt + White Tucked In T-Shirt Light Khaki Slim High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants 


13.Dark Navy Baggy Loose Blazer + Graphic Gradient Color Tucked In T-Shirt + Dark Khaki High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants + Black Lace Up Canvas Shoes


14.Black Midweight Loose Tucked In Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Washed High Waist Straight-Leg Jeans + Black Lace Up Canvas Shoes


15.Pear Color Half Tucked Long Sleeve Cuban Shirt + Off White High Waist Fit Pleated Shorts + Coffee Suede Leather Loafer


16.White Midweight Loose Tucked In Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Dark Khaki Loose High Waist Straight-Leg Pleated Pants +  Black Brogue Shoes


17.Black Lightweight Baggy Loose French Tucked V-neck Pullover Sweater + Black Washed High Waist Straight-Leg Jeans + Gray New Balance NB530


18.Black Baggy Loose Leather Moto Jacket + Black Tucked In T-Shirt +Black High Waist Straight-Leg Patterned Jeans + Black Brogue Shoes


19.Black Gray Loose Hipster Cardigan Sweater + White Tucked In T-Shirt + Stone Gray Baggy Loose High Waist Straight-Leg Casual Pants + Black German Army Trainer GAT Shoes


20.Off-White V Neck Button Sleeveless Knit Cardigan + White Tucked In Fit Button Down Dress Shirt + Blue High Waist Straight-Leg Jeans