Korean fashion has different styles from Western Europe and the United States. We don't usually wear some pieces, but they occupy a very important position in Korean fashion. I think it may be because of the difference in body shape. European and American skeletons are taller. Some The effect of wearing a single piece on the body is not as natural and coordinated as Korean men. And it has gradually become an iconic piece of Korean fashion, just like denim jackets and varsity jackets in American fashion. We've picked out a few iconic pieces and outfits from Korean fashion with summer coming, hoping to inspire you.

Ankle Dress Pants

Ankle dress pants are the most frequent item in Korean fashion. Korean fashion is more inclined to be casual, so in daily life, if you want to strike a balance between formal and casual, then the balance point is cropped trousers. The ankle dress pants are very similar to the classic Western sport coat, and they both have a casual taste from formal wear. With leather shoes, the bottom is done. The top can be styled at will, and any single piece you can think of can be matched with different tastes. If you want to try Korean fashion, then ankle dress pants are a must-have item.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are not a single piece that many people like, and they appear more in women's fashion and occasionally in street skate fashion. But in Korean men's fashion, the bucket hat is an indispensable item in summer. In addition to sun protection, with a t-shirt or a linen shirt, the kind of elegance and leisure that is different from European and American fashion comes out. In addition, the portability that is different from other hats allows you to do whatever you want.



Floral Shirts

Fancy shirts are the consensus of Korean fashion and Western fashion. However, unlike Western fashion, which is generally self-cultivating fancy shirts, Korean fashion is more inclined to loose and oversized fancy shirts in addition to self-cultivation. With slim fit bottom, the feeling is very different.




Oversized Shirts

Floral shirts are the consensus between Korean fashion and Western fashion. However, unlike Western fashion, which is generally slim-fit floral shirts, Korean fashion is more inclined to loose and oversized floral shirts than a slim-fit ones. With slim-fit bottom, the feeling is very different.




Slim Jeans

Korean men seem to always wander between two extremes. The design of trousers is either baggy loose or slim fit. There are few straight-leg pants. After all, the recognition degree is not high. If you're still struggling with ankle dress pants, skinny jeans are another option.





Stripped Shirts

When it comes to menswear, stripes always seem to be there—blue buttons with thin white lines, nautical T-shirts, or Wall Street suits with light pinstripes. These are neither particularly trendy nor outdated. It's there. That's why wearing vertical stripes can feel refreshing with a change in rhythm. Striped shirts for men are very versatile and are widely accepted in any dress code. They're easy to wear, so it's no surprise that they continue to be a common style in modern men's wardrobes. You can wear them year-round with a little styling to suit all occasions and seasons.





White Shirts

White shirt, a must-have piece for men all over the world, whether it is a formal or casual occasion, you need a white shirt. Historically, white shirts have been a symbol of wealth and dignity ("white collar" doesn't come from anywhere), and especially when worn correctly, white shirts still hold a lot of appeals. But while color alone was once enough to differentiate you from the masses, the ubiquity of white shirts these days means you need to up the ante to stand out in this classic piece. And Korean men can provide us with different ideas, with different bottoms, shoes, accessories, and different attractiveness.