Most of the time, the people are most afraid to hear when walking on the street is "tacky", which is why everyone spends a lot of time on wear before going out. The importance of a person's image management can be imagined, don't think that a man's wear is not essential. It also represents a person's attitude towards life.
We all know that men are as obsessed with shoes as lipstick is for women, so wearing a pair of stylish shoes can also make you feel good.
How can a single piece with a very fashionable concept like boots be worn out? It is an excellent choice to pair with baggy pants.
The combination of baggy pants and boots seems to be very challenging in many people's eyes. After all, these two pieces still need a certain amount of fashion skills to control them well. If you don't wear it properly, not only you will not be able to wear a good shape, but it will also give people a sloppy impression.
But if you can choose a good outfit, it will be different, and you will instantly become a fashionista. At the same time, a decent and creative top, the loose version of baggy pants has a good effect of covering the flesh and showing slimness. Style with a pair of boots, it will make people more temperament.


Wear baggy pants and leather boots, the choice is very important

Styling a pair of trousers does not seem as complicated as imagined to people, and this negligence also leads to the mediocrity of the effect of the later outfits. When choosing a single piece according to the ideal style, you will find that this targeted selection is easier to achieve the desired effect.
If you want to wear a sense of luxury without losing the everyday style, you must choose baggy pants with a more straightforward style. After all, the pattern of the trousers has a sense of design compared to ordinary casual trousers, so there is no need for too much detail design at this time. A simple pair of baggy pants is more generous.
No matter what the material of the pants is, as long as the pattern and style are simple enough, they can well modify the figure and show the temperament. This is the shape advantage of baggy pants, which are versatile and very shapely.
Pick the right shoes is the same, but special attention should be paid to the choice of shoe color. Whether the color matching of the shape is good or not lies in this. Boots can play a good embellishment effect. Paying attention to this can make boots out of mediocrity and fashionable and advanced.
The color matching principle is very simple. When the overall tone of the pants and tops is relatively dark, the shoes should choose light tones. Use this contrasting color scheme to make your look more stylish. Strengthening the visual impact of the shape will make people more understanding of fashion and more suitable for daily wear.

Pick right pieces is the first step, matching is also very important

① Style with hoodie, you can make the look more age-reducing

After picking the right baggy trousers and boots carefully, how to wear various styles depends on the collocation of other pieces. Only by coordinating the top and pants can the overall effect of the shape be better, and it is necessary to deal with the complementary relationship between the single piece and the overall shape.
Layering is also a good choice if you want to make your outfit more innovative. Since baggy pants and boots are relatively simple and elegant styles, there is enough room for the matching of tops. It can be seen by layering a hoodie and a sweater, and the shape is more sense of vitality and age reduction.


② Layered jackets, interpretation of retro literary style

The combination of baggy pants and boots originally had a solid retro concept. Coupled with the classic color matching of denim blue and brown boots, it is full of retro style. If you feel that the retro literary style of the overall shape is not enough to achieve the desired effect, you can show it by layering jackets.
Try to choose a more fitting pattern because the baggy pants are already loose enough. If the top is matched with an oversize jacket, there is only a modern sense without a retro style. Therefore, if you want to wear a retro literary style, choosing a classic version of the jacket is better.
Whether it's brown or black, the jacket will make the look more layered when styling with a shirt, polo shirt, or sweater. The short and classic top type will not make the baggy pants look sloppy and casual but more delicate and decent.

③Style with Coats

In the matching clothes, it does not mean that the overall modeling effect is completed by solving a part of the single pieces collocation, it is not that simple. Every single piece in the styling must be carefully matched, baggy pants + boots, it seems that the styling problem has been solved through careful selection, but if you want the icing on the cake, it is also perfect to match with baggy pants and coats.
If the coat is layered again, the styling effect will be better. It's just that you need to pay attention when layering. Whether the layered pieces are jackets or suits, choose short styles. This ensures that the styling effect does not affect the display of the figure and will not wear the styling effect of a short person.
Baggy pants are such a versatile item. When styling with boots, they can show off fashion and high-end. At the same time, they can also be worn with a coat to show off their aura. It can be said to be a very practical combination.
Don't think that baggy pants + boots are not easy to wear. That's because you haven't done a good job of matching. Mastering these matching skills, you can quickly wear fashionable and exquisite and interpret retro literary style. You don't have to worry about being ridiculed by others when you walk down the street, and the rate of turning heads soars.