As the influence of Korean pop culture continues to spread, more and more people worldwide have begun to become interested in various things in Korea, such as food, movies, TV series, and of course, Korean fashion. Korean fashion is very different from Western fashion, which is caused by cultural heritage differences. But at the same time, you will also see a lot of familiar collocations. If you are interested in trying new styles, Korean fashion will inspire you.
Today we will talk about the tips of mens' Korean style. Among them, the Korean fashion is divided into several categories. Let's start with the bold Korean style. How do you wear this style? First, look at a few successful examples:
From the above examples and our impressions, the feeling of Korean fashion is white, sunny, oversized, minimalist, clean, bold, edgy, chic and avant-garde, etc. Then we will talk about how to wear this style from three aspects.

1.Color Selection

The color and saturation of most fabrics of the Korean style are relatively low. This can be referred to as the Morandi color system, which can be used as a color reference for sweaters, shirts, and coats:
The Morandi color system is simply the "advanced grayscale color." After reducing the saturation, the color is more elegant and gentle and even high-cold, which is easier to wear with a high-level sense.
Below and from top to bottom in the picture are earth tones, apricot, olive green, and gray-blue. When the earth color is biased towards caramel, people with dark and yellow skin should choose carefully; apricot color is warm and sunny; olive green color is more refreshing and youthful; gray-blue color is more dark and atmospheric And high cold. These colors are important considerations when choosing clothes for boys who want to wear Korean style. Of course, the above are just a few examples of colors. Most colors can brighten the skin and help create a sense of luxury.

2.Style Selection

The styles of Korean dresses are generally more concise. Here are some basic styles. Please see the pictures:
Based on the pictures above, let's summarize first and recommend a few pieces that should be considered optimally for Korean styles:
  • 1.White shirt. A must-have white shirt for Prince Charming, a must-have item for the leading male protagonist in a Korean drama;
  • 2.Striped shirt. I don't know if you have noticed that the striped shirt can be self-cultivation, and it is also highly recommended;
  • 3.Sailor's Striped Shirt. The classic sailor's striped shirt is a classic piece that has not fallen for nearly a century, and it is also a style that Korean style wears and looks relatively high;
  • 4.Hoodie. The hoodie is, of course, a must-have for men's wardrobes, high collar and hoodie are both essential, which are not shown in the above picture;
  • 5.Sweaters. Regardless of whether it is a pullover sweater, a turtleneck sweater, or a vest cardigan, as a warm man, you have to have one, especially in autumn and winter. It is a must-have item for stacking.
  • 6.Jacket. When buying a jacket, it's best to choose a short jacket.
  • 7.Overcoat. Especially long coats, this style is the essence of the Korean style.
  • 8.Suits. As shown in the picture above, a loose suit(sport coat) looks more casual, fashionable, and lazy, and it is also very Korean.

3. Bold Korean Fashion Outfits Tips


Tip 1: Loose Top and Skinny Bottom

The general contour lines of the Korean style are relatively smooth and concise, with the rule of "Loose Top and Skinny Bottom." A loose top is essential. If you can't let go, wait for subtle and subtle updates. The top is generally looser to wear boldly, which we often call oversized, which is very advantageous for people with wider shoulders.


Tip 2: A Pairs of Slim Fit Cropped Pants

A Pairs of Slim Fit Cropped Pants, it is effortless for you to experience the essence of Korean fashion right away, but there is no need to pursue slim fit deliberately. As long as your top is appropriately baggy, the bottom doesn't need to be too thin.
Master the level by yourself. What should I do if I feel my legs are thick? Please see the pictures below-
You can choose looser cropped trousers, slightly baggy jeans, or even loose cropped dress pants for people with thick legs, which can have a similar effect.


Tip 3: Put the top into the pants

As you can see from pictures above, there are a lot of examples which show you putting the top into pants.
Putting the top into the pants is very tricky. Otherwise, it will become a "daddy outfit" in a minute. Pay attention to two details:
  1. The hemline of the clothes can be tucked completely, but a little bit of it must be pulled out to cover the waist.
  2. Only the front hemline of the clothes is tucked, and the hemline of the back is exposed.
  3. Only one side of the front hemline can be tucked, so Note that the shirt must be loose-fitting, don't do this for shirts that fit and slim.


Tip 4: Make the waistline

Everyone must pay attention to the position of the waist line. Why do you always think their legs are very long in the picture? It is because they pay more attention to this detail.
Whether it's a shirt or a sweater, they will tuck them into their pants and then wear them with a pair of high-waisted pants, the waistline will appear high, and the legs will appear very long. Of course, we should not try clothes that are too thick. After all, they may be uncomfortable and weird. Still, the same color of the pants and the top has an elongated visual effect, and it is also the best effect, especially in dark colors.

Tip 5: Avoid printing patterns or graphic

When wearing Korean styles, everyone should choose less printed clothes. In successful cases, they wear plain or striped plaid.


Tip 6: A short top is indispensable

In Korean outfits, in addition to long coats, short coats are also indispensable. As shown below



Tip 7: Pay attention to accessories


In addition to the above 6 tips, other matching pieces or accessories are also essential. For example, a pair of solid-color sports shoes, especially white shoes, are very sunny and clean; of course, old-fashioned canvas shoes are also possible, and textured leather shoes are also very common; a suitable hat will make you The icing on the cake, such as baseball caps, berets, and fisherman hats, as well as scarves, wallet chains, and necklaces. People who need it can also give it a try.