Layering is a technique, not a simple thing. To combine single pieces of fabrics of different colors, be aesthetically pleasing, reflect your taste, and not be like a clown, you need to master the technique of layering. Winter is usually called the season of layers. After all, we wear a lot in winter. We have to wear coats, sweaters, bottoming shirts, etc. It is relatively easy to try different layers and find the one that suits us.
The arrival of spring has made it more challenging to wear layered clothes. Because of the rising temperature, we don't need to wear as bloated as in winter, but the temperature in spring is not so high, so we need to choose the right piece. When layering, you need to consider more. It can't be too thin, it may freeze, and it can't be too thick.
Korean men have their unique insights on stratification. Without further ado, let's look at how they do it. I believe it will bring you a lot of inspiration.

1.Black Loose Denim Jacket + Black Denim Shirt + White Short Sleeve T-Shirt +  Off White Slim Fit Ankle Dress Pants + Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker in White


2.Coffee Loose Crewneck Plaid Sweatshirt + White Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Gray Tapered Dress Pants 


3.Army Green Field Jacket + Blue&White Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt + Dark Blue Straight Leg Jeans 


4.Blue Classic Denim Jacket + Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt + White Loose Short Sleeve T-Shirt +  Camel Tapered Ankle Dress Pants + Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker in White


5.Light Blue Washed Baggy Loose Classic Denim Jacket +Blue&White Baggy Loose Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt + White Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Black Slim Fit Jeans


6.Light Gray Plaid Sport Coat + Blue Slim Fit Sweater + White Hood Shirt  +  Light Blue Slim Fit Washed Ripped Jeans + Margiela Fusion Sneakers


7.Black Trench Coat + Light Blue&White Long Sleeve Button-up Shirt + Blue Slim Fit  Straight Leg Jeans + White Jil Sander Trainers


8.Black Bomber Jacket + White Loose Ripped Hipster T-Shirt + Off White Baggy Loose Fleece Sweatpants 


9.Light Blue Hollow V Neck Vest + White Baggy Loose Hipster T-Shirt + Blue Micro Flared Straight Leg Jeans + White Sneakers


10.Black Trench Coat + Light Blue Oxford Shirt + White Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Off White Baggy Loose Anke Pants + Black Chukka Boots


11.Blue Baggy Loose Classic Denim Jacket + Black Loose Hipster T-Shirt Gray Straight Leg Fleece Sweatpants + Nike Mens Dunk Low Retro + Black Cap


12.Gray Loose Graphic Sweatshirt + White Loose Hipster T-Shirt + Black Gym Short 


13.Light Blue Washed Classic Denim Jacket + White Gray Loose Dress Shirt +Black Straight Leg Dress Pants 


14.Gray Graphic Fleece Quarter-zip Cadet Collar Sweatshirt + White Loose Hipster T-ShirtBlack Straight Leg Casual Pants 


15.Army Green Cargo Vest with Big Pockets + Blue Baggy Loose Hooded Flannel Shirt + Light Gray Hipster T-Shirt + Black Gray Loose Baggy Jeans


16.Dark Blue Hipster Denim Jacket +White Hipster T-Shirt +Army Green Baggy Loose Casual Pants 


17.Light Khaki Loose Sport Coat+ White Hipster T-Shirt  +Blue Slim Fit Jeans