Bum bags are hands-free bags that are often worn around the waist. That's why the other term for it is a waist bag. Bum bags are usually lightweight, convenient and minimalistic. Its popularity began in thee 90's wherein it became the most common type of travel bag during that time. And why not? Bum bags relieve the soreness of shoulders during a trip or when going on a traveling spree. It does not need to be carried over the shoulders as it is wearable around the waist! But of course, bum bags remain versatile throughout the years. Basically, people can still wear it over their chest, on their shoulders or at the back.
And nowadays, bum bags are happening again. It has become a common sight among celebrities and tourists these days. It has been a trend again since 2016, and it is still popular up to this day. One of the reasons why it hasn't lost its shine is because of the comfort it gives to the user. It is a great alternative if you are tired of carrying oversized bags or backpacks! And despite its portable size, it remains a useful accommodation for most men's essentials like a phone, a wallet, loose change, cash, pocket books and other handy accessories.
In this blog, we are going to show you the top 30 Leather Bum Bags that are available in our store. We filtered them all to give you the best among the rest.
- Something that can work at full capacity and remains portable is this leather bum bag. It measures 36cm x 12cm x 6cm and is available in black only. It's the kind of bum bag/waist bag that you can bring on a trip, in a formal event or in a day-to-day routine of going to work or school. It is simple in design which makes it easy to pair with any kind of look!
- Rusty in texture, this vintage-looking leather bum bag is what makes it stand out. Moreover, it is available in five distinguishable colors- vintage coffee, tan, coffee, yellow and brown. It can accommodate different kind of accessories inside as it measures 33cm x 11cm x 4cm. The straps are adjustable making the bag easier to wear and more flexible depending on how you'd like to carry it.
- A bum bag that can exceed your expectation is this leather waist bag that comes with two useful compartment- one is smaller and the other is bigger. Thus, it can hold more things inside, and it even has a space for other tiny stuff. Everything can be properly organized because it has different zippered sleeves. Available color is vintage coffee while the bag measures 25cm x 15cm x 8cm.
- Talking about a flexible bum bag, this leather waist bag is wearable in different ways. It can be carried as a chest bag, a one-shoulder backpack, a shoulder bag and, of course, as a bum bag. It is packed with useful compartments which can keep your stuff organized and in place whenever you go on a travelling spree. It has a measurement of 24cm x 5cm x 14.5cm.
- Larger then usual, this leather bum bag is best for men who love to carry many things with them. It measures 31cm x 12.5cm x 3cm. It is handmade in leather which provides durability and long lasting usage to the bag. Since the straps are also adjustable, it can be worn in different ways-- over a shoulder, in the front or at the back.
- A simple bag that can complement any kind of outwear and different types of occasions is what this leather bum bag does to a look. Despite its portable size, it remains spacious enough inside. It is composed of different compartments making sure that your items are internally organized. It measures 30cm x 10cm x 13cm.
- If you're a fan of retro and vintage, then this leather bum bag is an item that you should consider. What makes it extra special is the hole on the front which is a convenient way of using your earphones. The bag is composed of different compartments where each of them is meant for a purpose. It measures 35cm x 15cm x 9cm.
- A bag that you can wear even during special and formal occasions is this leather bum bag. It is vintage and crafted with quality materials. It is good for hipster outfits as well. Colors available are vintage brown, vintage coffee and black. It is big enough to accommodate essentials that you always want to bring.
- Comes with a single compartment only, this leather bum bag is a perfect match for casual look. It does not have complicated structure, and the design is so fashionably basic. The strap looks like a belt that is adjustable which makes it easier to wear. It is available in black and blue and comes with a measurement of 25cm x 15cm x 10cm.
- A little different in shape, this leather bum bag is popular for its vintage style. The strap is adjustable that's why it can also be worn in different ways. It can be carried as a chest bag, a shoulder bag and of course, a waist bag. Colors available are brown, coffee and black. Internally, it's spacious and can accommodate lots of essentials.
- A leather bum bag that is strong and firm enough to outlast any weather condition is what this amazing product portrays. The leather itself is durable and a great companion for travel and trips. It is quite big in size, with a measurement of 34cm x 5cm x 17cm. Available colors are red brown and brown.
- This leather bum bag's most loved feature is its leather which is genuine, soft and shiny. It is the kind of bag that you would want to carry everytime because of its texture. It is lightweight, yet it can hold numerous of essentials inside. Thus, making all your plans of travelling more convenient and worry-free! Brown, black and coffee are its available colors.
- Just like a barrel bag, this one can work as a bum bag as well. It is made of authentic leather, and also comes with a vintage design. It is composed of both small and large compartments that serve different purposes according to the size of your essentials. This makes everything organized inside. It comes with a measurement of 33cm x 13cm x 13cm.
- Want something that is slim and portable, then have this leather bum bag included on your list of purchases! It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. Though it's not as bulky as the others, it remains roomy inside that it can actually secure different kinds of essentials inside. It comes with a measurement of 36cm x 13cm x 4cm.
- If you desire to be extra-ordinary in every way, then take a look on this leather bum bag. As you can see, the strap and the compartment both come in two different colors. This makes it an eye-candy bag to someone who is fashionable. It is made of leather. Moreover, it is also available in three vibrant colors- coffee, black and camouflage.
- Another cool leather bum bag on the list is this bag that is so addicting to touch because of its soft materials. It is a good carrier if you're off to a long trip or a long vacation. It only comes with a single compartment for everything, but the storage itself is big and spacious enough. It has a measurement of 47cm x 20cm x 10cm.
- If you're planning to go on a long trip and need a hands-free large carrier, then give this leather bum bag a look. It measures 36cm x 20cm x 10cm. It is the kind of bum bug that is reliable enough to store a tablet, a mini book, a few clothes, a wallet and more smaller essentials. The main compartment is so spacious that even a camera can fit in it. This bag is available in black.
- This classy vintage leather bum bag is one of a kind when it comes to its structure and shape. It's not your ordinary bag as it comes with an abstract profile. Nevertheless, it helps the bag to look more fashionable. The strap can be adjusted so that it can be conveniently worn as well. Available colors are brown and coffee, and sizes may vary from small to large.
- This leather bum bag is the best carrier for tools and work essentials. It makes everything convenient for people It can carry different kinds of small personal belongings as well. It is made of leather. Thus, it is durable and not easy to get torn. It comes with a measurement of 28cm x 17cm x 4cm. Color available is vintage coffee.
- For someone who wants to keep everything organized inside their bag, then this leather bumbag is a good option. It comes with small and large compartments so that even tiny essentials can be kept in place. It also has a zippered slot at the back and two main compartments Black and coffee are its available colors.
- Another bum bag that comes with a unique design and a different kind of structure, this leather bum bag is paired with a detachable and adjustable strap so that users can wear it in several ways with ease. It is only available in brown color and has a measurement of 36.5cm x 16.5cm x 10cm.
- A bag that is a great companion for people who prefer bringing all things they want regardless of how many they are, then have this leather bum bag considered. It has a measurement of 36cm x 23cm x 4cm. Available colors are tan, red brown and black. The strap is wide and thick enough to hold the bag itself- assuring that essentials are also secure and well-kept.
- One the executes elegance and sophistication, this leather bum bag is simply basic in design but can outshine the others because of its minimalistic structure. The color of the strap and the bag itself contrasts each other, making it look classy and cool. Interior-wise, it is spacious. Measurements are 35cm x 16cm x 7cm.
- Congruent to a backpack, this leather bum bag is a great alternative for a travel companion. Since it is hands-free, it makes it more convenient to carry to any kind of adventures. Inside, it is spacious and also comes with an extra slot with zipper. It measures 27cm x 10cm x 12cm. Available colors are black and brown.
- This might make your eyebrow raise, but this leather bum bag does exist! The profile is similar to an ox's head. This is not as spacious as the others, but it is the most effective bag to store tools for working. It is portable yet a useful carrier! It comes in three colors- dark coffee, brown and black. It measures 22cm x 15,5cm x 2cm.
- Those who are familiar with this bag call this a drop leg bag as it fits the size of a leg or a thigh and it comes with a strap suitably made to wrap around a thigh. That's why it's a helpful bag for those who are working for a job that needs tool storage. It is available in brown and coffee colors, and has a measurement of 28cm x 17cm x 6cm.
- A perfect bum bag for those men who like bringing their small essentials with them all the time, this leather bum bag got all the mini compartments you need. In front are three small enclosed pockets made for things like a cigarette case, a car key, earphones, a watch, loose change and many more. You won't have to worry about losing them or having them stolen.
- This bum bag is composed of three compartments that come in different sizes- ranging from large to small ones. Each pocket is spacious enough to store something that is essential. It is made of leather that's why one of its main features is durability. Coffee is its available color. The bag measures 8 inches.
- Another vintage design on our list is this leather bum bag that is portable in size and lightweight. It does not complicate with convenience because it is very easy to wear and versatile. It can be worn as a chest bag or a one-shoulder backpack as well. Vintage coffee is its available color, and it comes with a measurement of 25cm x 15cm x 4cm.
- And finally, we are down to our last item, this leather bum bag might leave you hanging because of its distinct shape. Not only that, it also comes with an adjustable strap making you wear anyhow you like. The main compartment is large enough to store some essentials like a phone, a wallet, a watch, car keys and many more. It is available in vintage brown and has a measurement of 27cm x 14cm x 6cm.