Wallet has been an essential accessory for many decades. It is something that we can carry with us everyday. It is a great companion which goes with us to work or school and travels with us anywhere we go. One of the most popular type of wallets is a card wallet. It is also commonly known as a short wallet or front wallet because it effectively holds all of them. Despite its size, small wallets are actually packed with lots of useful features.
If you are someone who likes carrying only important stuff like cash and cards, then you should have a small wallet of your own! It is usually compact and portable. However, it remains flexible and functional. Thus, it has always been a favorite selection of most men. They prefer small wallets to bulky ones. Each design suits a certain personality and style. Moreover, it also comes with assorted colors with beautiful designs.
To satisfy your curiosity, have a check of our own collection of card wallets. iChainWallets has it all for you so you won’t miss out on anything. Take a look and own of one those trendy wallets of ours that you can definitely use daily or occasionally.
- One of a kind and precious, this card holder is made of authentic and durable leather. As seen, it is decorated with embossed details of an elephant and a light body. It has stitches around the edges, and it is sealed with a zipper. It comes in two colors- brown and dark brown. It measures 13cm x 10.5cm x 3cm.
- This slim card holder is simple in style and is composed of light materials that made it portable and convenient to carry. Colors available are black and brown and has a measurement of 12cm x 10cm x 0.5cm. It can hold cards, change and half bill securely in place!
- Small and convenient, this card wallet can hold multiple cards securely! It comes with an extra slot for change and coins. It is also sealed with a zipper. Available in brown, this wallet has a measurement of 11.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm. If you want to stay minimal but want to bring important stuff with you, get this wallet for you!
- Made of fabric materials, this denim card wallet is more than just a fashionable accessory! It is the one that you can take on a casual basis but remains stylish. It can be enclosed with a magnetic button. It has a measurement of 10cm x 8cm x 3cm. Surely, this wallet can accommodate multiple cards.
- Comes with vibrant colors like lake blue, black, navy blue, black transparent, reddish brown, oak palm and dark brown, this card wallet is made of genuine leather. It can hold multiple cars securely. It is sealed with a zipper. It measures 10.5cm x 9cm. Worry no more as this wallet can hold every card for you!
- Quite lengthy in measurement, but definitely a must-have! It is a bifold card wallet that can keep more than ten cards all in one carrier! It can be sealed with a magnetic button. Despite its long size, you can still carry this wallet easily in your pocket. Measuring 17cm x 10.2cm x 2cm, this wallet’s color is vintage brown.
- Casual and neat in details, this card wallet is bifold and also stylish on its own way. It can hold multiple cards securely and in place. It measures 10cm x 7.5cm x 1cm and is available in different colors- light brown, dark green, dark brown, black, brown and white. Easy to use and portable!
- A card wallet that has a portable yet systematic storage inside, this one is for you! It can accommodate cards and IDs in place and securely! It is sealed with a magnetic button for added protection. Available colors are black, green, coffee, tan, camel and blue. It measures 11cm x 7cm x 2cm.
- One that has dual usage, this card wallet is composed of compartments for cards and IDs. It also has transparent slots for pictures if you want! It is sealed with a zipper and a magnetic button. It has a measurement of 11cm x 8cm x 3cm. Available colors are brown and dark brown.
- Interior-wise, this card wallet has it all! It has a spacious storage and numerous slots for cards inside! Definitely, it can hold all of them in an organized way! You won’t have the uncertainty of losing any of them because of its design. Measuring 20cm x 11cm x 3cm, this useful is available in brown and dark brown and has three styles- plaid, heart and plain.
- A card wallet that has a portable yet systematic storage inside, this one is for you! It can accommodate cards and IDs in place and securely! It is sealed with a magnetic button for added protection. Available colors are black, green, coffee, tan, camel and blue. It measures 11cm x 7cm x 2cm.
- For people who prefer slim-type carriers, then this card wallet suits your style best! Minimal and portable, this wallet has enough slots to hold cards. It also goes with a zippered compartment for change/coins. Colors available are brown and coffee. This measures 12cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.
- Absolutely functional, this long wallet is perfect for your cards and other purse needs! It has multiple compartments inside for all kinds of cards-- creating three rows of it! It is sealed with a zipper for an added protection. Measuring 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm, this wallet is available in green, blue, red brown, brown and black.
- Suits perfectly for minimalist people, this low-key card wallet is something that you can wear on a daily basis or a special occasion. Designed with sticches on the edges, this wallet is horizontal in style and got multiple compartments for your cards. Colors available are black, gray, red brown, green and red.
- Envelope-like and simple, this card wallet is portable and functional at the same time! Easy to carry and enclose, its interior is big enough to accommodate all your card needs! Black, coffee, green, tan, red and brown are its available colors. It measures 11cm x 7cm x 1cm. This is perfect for formal occasions.
- This card wallet definitely looks like a clutch because of how its styled. This is usually bought by women, but men can also use it. Inside, it has two roomy compartments. They can both hold cards, change or cash. Enclosed with a magnetic button, this wallet assures safety. Available colors are red, black, green, coffee and tan.
- Box-like yet portable, this card wallet is quite unique in structure. It is a little thicker than the other which assures the durability of the product. It can be sealed with a magnetic enclosure. It is available in tan, green, coffee, black, red and dark red. It measures 10cm x 7cm 2cm.
- What most people like about this card wallet is its interior that is composed of divided compartments. It has different separated slots for each card. It also has an extra sleeve for change, coins or bills. It comes with three colors- brown, dark coffee and vintage coffee. It has a measurement of 11cm x 7cm x 2cm.
- One that is beautifully detailed, this card wallet is styled with embossed floral design. Inside it has two extra movable transparent slots to accommodate for cards. It can also hold half bill cash. It is available in five colors- black, coffee, blue, green and purple. Measurements are 10.5cm x 8cm x 2cm.
- Looking for a card wallet that has a distinctive exterior, this card wallet is for you! It is detailed with stitches around the edges with added more style to it. It is enclosed with a magnetic button. It has enough space to accommodate cards inside. Available colors are tan and coffee and goes with a measurement of 11cm x 8cm x 1.5cm.
- You’ll ultimately love this card wallet in an instant because of how it’s presented. The enclosure is uniquely designed with an abstract shape. Inside, it can also hold multiple cards. It is perfect for people who remain minimalist while going in style. Available in red, black, green, coffee and tan.
- This front pocket card wallet is good for people who prefer to bring less with them. It can be easily slid into pockets because of its portable size. No covers, but your cards are still secure because it is supported with a magnetic strap! It is available in black, coffee, blue, tan, red and brown.
- This is easy-to-slide in card wallet is popular among men. Aside from its uncomplicated design, it’s also masculine and simple! It can both hold cards and cash inside, and is made of authentic leather. Measuring 11cm x 8.5cm x 0.3cm, this wallet measures 11cm x 8.5cm x 0.3cm.
- Another popular selection of ours is this card wallet that is so handy and convenient to use!
All cards will just be slid into each slot to have it in place securely! Moreover, you can also slide half bill cash into it. Simple and portable, this card wallet is available in four colors- brown, green, black gray and coffee.
- This card wallet is not just beautifully designed, but it’s also intelligently structured. It is simple in functionality, but can actually hold multiple cards all in one place. It is also sealed with a magnetic strap! You can choose different colors like red, black, coffee, blue, green, tan, brown, gray, light gray and dark brown!
- Long in dimension but remains portable, this card wallet represents it both! Aside from the fact that it comes in vibrant colors like camel, brown, green, blue, black, red wine and orange, it is also secured with a strap around it for the protection of your belongings inside! Inside, it can both hold cash and cards.
- One slot card wallet it is, this accessory is so distinctive when it comes to its feature. It only has one compartment to hold all your cards securely in one place! Rest assured that they are still safe because of the magnetic strap around it! Available colors are tan, green, coffee, black, red and beige.
- A card wallet that fits all, this is the one that you might like for yourself! Securely sealed with a cover on top, it has an interior compartment that can hold multiple cards and folded bills. Red, black, green, coffee, tan and beige are its available colors. For the measurement, it is 10cm x 7cm x 1cm.
- This card wallet is easy to use and carry because of its minimalist design and features. It is structured with different slots for cards and half-folded bills. Available colors are camel and vintage coffee. It has a measurement of 11cm x 8cm x 0.4cm. It is suitably best for men with busy schedules and no time to carry wallets!
- Popular among women, this card wallet is securely sealed with a metal closure. Made of genuine leather, this is also made of genuine leather and is designed with embossed floral details. No wonder, ladies love it! Comes in different colors- red, black, coffee, blue, green, tan, purple and gray. It measures 11cm x 7cm x 3.5cm.