Men these days are getting more and more experimental in fashion, and that includes their interest in bags as well! Thus, different companies of bags all over the world are manufacturing several designs and styles non-stop to cater the demands of such carrier and related accessories!
This time, we will introduce the most common bag trend among men of all kinds- the side bag. Side bags can be a messenger bag, a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag or all of the above. It really depends on how a user carries, wears or styles it. The versatility of this bag can match with any kind of events- from casual occasions to formal ones. This is because side bags can be made from different kind of materials as well-- ranging from leather to fabric materials like nylon, denim, canvas and even silk!
Side bags are as multi-purpose as backpacks. It can vary from sizes- small to large. It can be worn during a short trip, a long vacation, and it could also be a go-to bag if you want! It is comfortable to carry that's why it has been immensely a popular choice among men these days. Interior-wise, it could be as spacious as travel bags are. It can absolutely accommodate most of your important belongings- from small essentials to large valuables like a laptop, a tablet, a few books and clothes any many more!
To help you get the right bag for all your needs, here is our personal collection of Top 20 Side Bags that are mostly purchased from our shoppers!
- First on our list is a canvas side bag that works best as a messenger bag because of its large size! It is the best bag for men who prefer bringing many essentials with them as it goes with a measurement of 36cm x 31cm x 12cm. Straps are made adjustable for convenience and styling. It is available in three colors- gray, green and brown.
- This side bag is suitable for men who are minimalist and like their carrier to be more portable. Also works as a small messenger bag, this can actually accommodate an iPad or a tablet. It is made of canvas, proving durability and water resistance. It is best to wear as a chest bag or a cycling bag. Black is its available color.
- A different kind of side bag, this one works as a waist bag or a belt bag because you can either wear them around a waist or hang it on a belt loop. It is a great companion for men who need to carry their working tools from time to time. Since it got a detachable strap, it can also be worn as a small shoulder bag or messenger bag.
- Looking for a leather bag, then we got you! This good looking side bag is made of genuine leather. Just like the others, this could also work in many styles- it can be a chest bag, a messenger bag, a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag. Moreover, it is square and lightweight. Available colors are coffee and brown.
- If you're into riding motorcycles and looking for a bag that can hold your belongings while on a road, then this side bag is what we highly recommend. It is big enough to cater all your essentials- from your phone and wallet to a laptop and/or other gadgets. It measures 42cm x 37cm x 10cm. Available in colors like khaki, purple gray and army green.
- A side bag that is meant for men who to go to office, work or school, this leather messenger bag is big enough to fit a 14 inches laptop. It is made of authentic materials. Thus, durability is an assurance. The compartments are spacious, and it can accommodate any kind of essentials inside. It measures 32.5cm x 24.5cm x 8cm.
- A multi-purpose carrier, this side bag is roomy and large enough for more important belongings like a laptop, books, office supplies, a phone, a wallet and a lot more. It does not disappoint as the interior is roomy to accommodate such valuables. Available in black and coffee, it comes with a measurement of 39cm x 25.5cm x 10cm.
- This side bag is so chic, yet it suits men as well. It is portable in size which measures 23cm x 15cm x 9cm. It looks like a box as its structure is made evenly. It's made of leather that gives off the bag a durable profile. Available color is brown. The main compartment is spacious enough to cover all the valuables you want to bring with you.
- Vertical and portable, this side bag best fits people who like carrying their tablet and iPad around. Though it is small in size, the interior remains spacious. Aside from a portable gadget, it can also accommodate smaller essentials. Available in dark brown color, It measures 20cm x 24cm x 5cm.
- Another handy dandy carrier for tools is this side bag that can also work as a waist bag, a sling bag or a belt bag. Considered as a belt pouch, it is still one of the most innovative style of a bag as it remains useful despite its portable size. It is available in brown and coffee. It measures 22cm x 13cm x 4cm.
- Want a wider strap, this side bag is big enough to hold and store average-size valuables. It is convenient to wear because its strap comes with a soft pad in the middle. The compartment is spacious enough and can keep many things. At the back is a zippered sleeve for tinier items. It measures 25cm x 18cm x 7cm.
- Stylish and sleek, this side bag is a great way of storing things in an organized way while you enjoy a trip. It measures 33cm x 27cm x 8cm. Its interior is packed with compartments that serve different purposes, making sure that everything inside the bag is in place. Both the bag and the strap are made of shiny leather.
- Versatility-wise, this side bag works in different ways and is multi-purpose. The strap is both adjustable and detachable giving the bag a chance to be worn in several ways. It can work as a sling bag, a chest bag, a shoulder bag, a messenger bag and even as a clutch. The main compartment's closing mechanism is unique as it is located underneath the bag. Still, the bag remains secured.
- This bag might be the best option for a long travel and vacation. It is huge, convenient and water-resistant as it is made of canvas, providing a long lasting usage to anyone who would use it. Gray black is its available color while it measures 36cm x 30cm x 8cm.
- Something that is colorful and extra-ordinary, this light brown side bag comes in a camouflage design. It is attractive and easy to distinguish just in case you want to be different from the rest. The interior is roomy enough to hold many valuables including a tablet, a phone, a wallet and many more. It is best used for bikers!
- This extra large side bag is the most suitable option for a travel or a weekender bag! Because of its size, it comes with a mini handle above so that it can be used as a handbag as well! Aside from that, the strap is also thick and adjustable making it a versatile carrier. It measures 41cm x 39cm x 14cm. Colors available are royal blue, white and khaki.
- Best for casual occasions, this side bag is small in size and vertical in style. Nevertheless, it remains as functional as the larger ones. The strap is made of thick fabric- adjustable and comfortable to wear. It is made of leather and has a spacious interior design. Black and coffee are its available colors, measuring 22cm x 17cm x 5cm.
- A perfect sling bag for everyone, ,this side bag comes with a slip strap that makes it more comfortable to carry. It comes with a different kind but secured closing mechanism. Made of leather, this precious side bag has a roomy compartment great for store-keeping. It is available in two colors- black and tan.
- If you like a side bag that comes with a wide strap, then this bag is definitely for you. The strap provides sustainability because of how it is made. It's made of thick fabric as well. The bag itself is made of genuine leather and has a spacious compartment. You can put every valuables you have inside as it works at full capacity.
- Perfect for denim lovers, this side bag is completely made of one. It comes with a handle and strap that makes it flexible to use. It can be worn as a travel handbag, a weekender bag, a shoulder bag or a messenger bag. It's fashionable companion when going on a trip. Clothes can be kept inside aside from other valuables of yours.