Who says that zipper wallets are not a thing? Well in fact, it is! This is something that men should not brush their shoulders off as these wallets provide the most advantageous security for cards and cash. Men won't have any uncertainties about their valuables while enjoying activities outside home.
The most rewarding feature of a zipper wallet is its delicate zipper suitable around the edges. It's an exact opposite of a regular wallet. The closure that's made of a zipper can keep belongings inside intact and safe regardless if it's organized or not. You can get adventurous and make a lot of movements, and the things inside will remain unscathed and untouched.

Benefits of a Mens Zipper Wallet

Zipper wallets might not be thick enough to as a convenient carrier. Its skinny exterior is sufficient enough to store all your valuables including your cash, ID, receipts, coins and a lot more tiny items. This makes it an easy wallet to carry around. These wallets are also appealing because it can come in different vibrant colors and can be made of strong and authentic materials like leather, nylon microfiber and polyester.
A zipper wallet is so versatile that it can be paired with any kind of style. It also comes in various designs and structures. Zipper wallets can be a card holder, a checkbook wallet or a purse! So, if you're looking for a wallet that can complement your fashion and taste, no doubt, zipper wallets got them all for you. Convenient and adaptable!
- One of the basics, this zipper wallet is simple in structure and design but can surely keep your belongings in place and securely. It is handmade of leather and is surrounded of zipper. This wallet is available in different colors like vintage brown, beige, red, dark green, blue and black. It comes with a measurement of 13cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm.
- Long and spacious enough, this zipper wallet is exquisite in every detail. It can hold plenty of valuables inside because of it is designed; you may say that it's heavy duty. More than that, the exterior is also unique as it is made of handmade leather with tooled ganesh design on it. It enclosed with a zipper which makes it more secure.
- This long zipper wallet can work as a purse and a clutch all at the same time. It has a vintage exterior and is made of genuine soft leather which leads to its versatility and durability. Aside from its zipper closure, it also has stitches around the edges. Black, tan and red brown are its available colors, and it measures 21cm x 10.5cm x 3.8cm.
- One of the most unique designs you'll ever encounter is this zipper wallet that comes with a braided exterior. It comes with a zipper and stitches around the edges which adds safety to the wallet. It is also handmade of good quality leather. With a measurement of 11.5cm x 11cm x 2cm, it can be available in black and brown.
- A zipper wallet that you can carry on every occasion especially formal ones is this sleek and modern-designed wallet. It is made of leather with a tooled floral and braided design as its exterior. It also comes with a concho in the middle. Inside, it is spacious and can hold lots of valuables. It comes with a measurement of 20.5cm x 9.5cm.
- Fancy woven stuff? Then have this zipper wallet included on your list. It's long and large enough to accommodate different kinds of small valuables that can all fit in a wallet. It is sturdy and durable as well. It is available in brown and comes with a measurement of 20cm x 10cm x 2cm.
- This zipper wallet not only comes with a great interior design; it also comes with a chain. That's why you won't have to worry having it lost or stolen. Despite its portable size, this wallet is an effective accessory to securely hold your belongings and keep them in place. Coffee is its available color, and comes with two different measurements.
- Another vintage design on the list is this zipper wallet that is long and firm enough to last a long term usage. This zipper wallet is something that you can carry both on a daily basis and occasionally. It comes in two colors- brown and dark brown. It has a measurement of 19.5cm x 9cm x 2.5cm. It can be used as a clutch as well.
- This zipper wallet can surely last for the longest and outlast any kind of weather condition because it is canvas. It is convenient to use and spacious enough to hold valuables in place and safely. It comes with a concho star in the middle and has stictches around the edges as weell. It is available in coffee, gray and green.
- Adorable and cute, this zipper wallet can be both carried by women and men. Despite of its portable size, it can actually hold lots of petty stuff inside including coins! It is available in four colors- brown, black, dark brown and red brown. It has a keyring that a chain can be attached to it. In addition, it is surrounded by stitches.
- Want to be extra in fashion when it comes to your wallet? Then, this zipper wallet has it for you. It is cool and comes with a punk and rock style. Moreover, it is partnered with a chain and a clasp on the edge of the zipper making the wallet secure and assuring your belongings safe. Dark brown is its available color and comes with a measurement of 10.8cm x 8.5cm x 2cm.
- Want a more efficient wallet that can hold more valuables as well? Then, try this zipper wallet! It has lots of slots inside for cards, cash and IDs. It is made of leather which leads to its long lasting usage and sustainability. Available in brown, this wallet measures 10cm x 7.5cm x 2cm. It is the kind of wallet that is perfect as a go-to accessory.
- One of a kind wallet, this zipper wallet is different from the rest. Aside from its tooled skull design as its exterior, this wallet is also handmade with quality materials. This large and long wallet is an ideal purse for people who want carrying plenty of valuables around. Comes in brown color, it measures 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 2.5cm.
- Unique and extra-ordinary, this zipper wallet is just incredible in every detail. This zipper wallet is not just sturdy and durable, but the most amazing part of it is its exterior which comes with an embossed golden skull on the front. Coo, isn't it? This wallet can work as a clutch as well. Available colors are brown and coffee.
- Portable enough, this zipper wallet comes with a handle at the back so it can be used as a clutch. Not only that, it also has two layers of zippered slots- making it a great purse for both phone and some valuables like cash, cards, IDs and many more. It measures 22cm x 13cm x 4cm. It's available in coffee color.
- This beauty is more than just a zipper wallet. It is gorgeous in every way, from its design to its functionality. Portable in size, it can accommodate plenty of tiny valuables inside which makes it a helpful accessory. It is paired with pretty round medallion charms, a concho on the front and embossed details. It measures 12cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.
- Comes with a golden chain, this zipper wallet is long and roomy for all your belongings. It has separate slots for cash, IDs and cards respectively- making sure that all of them are intact and organized. This is a perfect zipper wallet for men who want to remain masculine with their style. It measures 19.5cm x 12.4cm.
- One that can work as a wristlet wallet, this zipper wallet is a great choice for men who prefer bringing plenty of valuables with them. It is easier to carry because of the wristlet hanging onto it. It is perfect for people who go to work on a daily basis. Black in color, it is quite lengthy for its size but remains portable as well.
- Simple and easay to carry, this zipper wallet is functional and stylish at the same time. It comes with two closures- a zipper and a magnet. This only shows that it is secured enough to protect your valuables inside. It can be black or vintage brown in color and comes with a measurement of 11cm x 10cm x 2.1cm.
- Saving the best for last, this might be the most useful zipper wallet you can ever have. Aside from it is durable and functional as a wallet, it also has a phone slot at the back that you can place your mobile into. You can surely go out without the need of a bag! Vintage in design and comes with a coffee color, this wallet measures 20cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.