Misplaced passports? Lost passports? Stolen passports? Forgotten passports? Lessen your worries and problems as the latest accessory is now in and TRENDY! Passport wallets have been one of the most sought after items nowadays. Many people have come to love the idea of travelling, and making sure that a passport is with them might have to be a little burden. Thus, a passport wallet is invented to specifically resolve this problem!
Travelers and business people would not have to worry anymore about their passports being misplaced, lost, stolen or forgotten because a passport wallet assures the security and protection of the item. Plus, it is also featured with other uses as it can be accompanied with a cash slot, a pen slot and card slots. All are rolled into one. It is the kind of accessory that is really worth buying and investing. Many people have no regrets having one because it is really and effectively useful! One that also adds to its awesome features is its style-- it is also crafted and well-made with modish and handsome design that is suitable to any kind of outfit or event.
So if you're thinking of reducing the hassle while you're on a trip or during a travel, have a passport wallet with you. It does not only eases your wariness about carrying it away, but you can also easily track it wherever and whenever. Safe, stylish and effective!
Here is our own collection of passport wallets that may help filter your choices until you find and opt for what suits you best! Enjoy browsing as you decide on that purchase of yours!
- If you're looking for a wallet that can work at full capacity, then have this passport wallet to be added to your list. It is loaded with features and handy as well! Aside from its roomy compartment for a passport, it also has slots and sleeves for pens, earphones, cash, cards and coins! Talking about a heavy duty wallet? Then, this one is how it is!
- Want a more accessible passport wallet that you can easily put in your bags or pockets? Then, this might be the one you are looking for. It is slim in structure and portable in size, but worth the purchase as well because it is great enough to hold a passport and cards inside! It can surely protect all these valuables and keep them in place securely-- without a doubt!
- Easy to use, this passport wallet is small in size, but of course, it can definitely and safely hold a passport. What's more beneficial about this wallet is the fact that it is built with a magnet button closure which adds protection to the passport and valuables in it. Inside, there are also slots of cards and cash for you to utilize.
- A perfect option for busy people, this passport wallet is sleek in style and contains precise features. Direct to the point, this accessory is completed with slots for all the things that you need-- including a passport, a phone (which comes with a strap at the back to securely hold it in place), cards, a pen, cash, earphones and coins. But you know what? Despite its functionality, it remains portable and handy!
- Basic in design and very simple in structure, this passport wallet is composed of slots for cash, cards and of course, a wallet! It can be easily slid into a pocket or a bag. For the exterior, it is quite stylish as it comes with a vintage design. Available in three colors- dark brown, black, brown, it comes with a measurement of 14.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.
- This passport wallet is loved by its structure and style. Both men and women adore this wallet because of its features and interior. It might look like a simple vintage wallet, but inside, it is plenty of slots for cards, IDs/photos, coins/earphones, a pen and of course, a passport. Moreover, it comes with a magnetic closure.
- If you are looking for a versatile passport wallet that you can carry anywhere you go, then this one is for you. It is surrounded with a zipper to ensure its closure and is packed with different useful slots inside. You can keep a passport, some cards, cash, coins and IDs for its interior. You won't have to hassle yourself in keeping them all safe and secure.
- Want a more ultra-thin and flexible accessory, then this passport wallet got it both for you! It is easy to hold and soft enough that you can bend it and put it in your back pocket. Inside, it is featured with slots for both cards and a passport. You can travel with ease and not worry at all about your passport because the wallet is secured with a magnetic strap and button to close it.
- Simplicity at its finest, this slim passport wallet can absolutely provide 100% protection to your valuables and passport as it is featured with RFID. It has slots for both a passport and a few cards/IDs. Available in dark brown, black and brown, it comes with a measurement of 10cm x 14.5cm.
- Comes with a sleek design and a little modern in structure, this passport wallet is easily distinguished because of its exterior. It is securely enclosed with a rubber-like band that is wrapped around it. The structure is envelope-style and is loaded with pockets inside. It has sleeves for both cards and a passport. Available colors are black, green, brown, coffee, wine red and blue.
- A passport wallet that comes with a minimalist design and feature, this accessory represents it both. It is stitched around the edges-- assuring its durability and long lasting usage. It is a perfect companion for any kind of travels and adventures! Inside, it is only composed of two slots for cards and a comfortable compartment for a passport.
- An ideal choice for people who like bringing keys with them, this passport wallet has that slot that you might be looking for in a wallet! Aside from the fact that it securely holds a passport, it is also a safe wallet for your other valuables like coins, keys and cards. Slim and handmade of leather, it has a measurement of 14.5cm x 11cm x 0.6cm.
- Fancy bringing a long wallet with you? Then, this passport wallet is the best purse for you. It can work at full capacity and is great for heavy duty workload and extreme adventures. Passport, cards, cash and a phone can fit inside it securely and in place. It is available in coffee, it comes with a measurement of 20cm x 10cm x 2cm.
- Handmade of leather, this cool passport wallet is long and large enough to keep plenty of valuables inside-- including a passport! Aside from that, you can also put cards, cash, coins, IDs and a phone along with it. It has a safe compartment for a phone or a passport as it is sealed and protected separately inside with a magnetic button.
- Slim, vintage, portable and lightweight, this passport wallet is also dependable. It is the kind of wallet that you can easily put inside a front and a back pocket without it being tarnished or wrinkled as it is flexible. Inside, it has enough slots for a few cards, and of course, a passport which is secure and safe.
- Perfect for stylish travelers, this passport wallet is packed with useful slots inside! It has sleeves for a passport, plane tickets, cards and IDs. Surely, you would not misplace any of these valuables once you have this wallet with you. Everything is kept safely and in place inside. Beige, black, coffee and red brown are its available colors.
- Crafted with leather and styled with tooled floral design on the outside, this passport wallet is a great selection for people who prefer to carry their wallets in a more fashionable way. It is stitched around the edges to give extra protection to the wallet. It is available in different vibrant colors that anyone will surely love!
- Another passport wallet that comes with an RFID feature is this accessory. It is not only a safe purse for a passport, but it can also keep plane tickets in place and securely! Inside, there are also slots for cards or IDs. Despite its minimal design and portable size, it remains a useful and worth it wallet to buy!
- The most fashionable purse on this list is this passport wallet. It is handmade of leather and has stitches around the edges for a sleeker and more durable structure. It also comes with a tooled label and drawing on the outside to add beauty to its exterior. And lastly, the closure is featured with a stretchable band. Inside, it has sleeves for a passport and cards/IDs.
- Available in brown and blue colors, this passport wallet is carefully handmade using leather materials. Aside from its length, it is also spacious enough to accommodate many valuables like a passport, a phone, cards, cash and IDs. It is stitched around the edges which made it more durable. A great companion for traveling, it measures 19.5cm x 10cm x 2cm.