With long wallet chains getting popular these days, many people are still not aware how it looks, what it is for and how it is used. Wallet chains are accessories that can be attached to a wallet or a purse, jeans/pants and bags. It can also be worn as a necklace, a belt or a fob chain. Wallet chains are versatile and can add more style to achieve a whole new look.


In the past, wallet chains are only popular among bikers and truckers. But as time passes by, other cultures in the fashion industry have become fans of this accessory as well! Popular celebrities also make wallet chains as part of their outfit and style.


Many people are now into wallet chains, not just because of its distinguishable style and exterior, but also because of its uses and features. Wallet chains also provide different functions that would surely have a benefit of. Here is a list of its incredible uses!
What are wallet chains for?
  1. Security
- Wallet chains are more than just a stylish accessory because once you have it, you also have an added security to your wallet or purse! Since it's attached to either of them, you can be sure that all your valuables inside are protected, organized and secured! You won't have to worry getting into adventurous travels while you have your wallet with you as wallet chains already got it for you! It would surely ease your uncertainty of bringing your wallet!
  1. Style
- It's already obvious that wallet chains are stylish, but do you know that you can also wear it without actually a wallet or a purse? Yes, because that's how it is designed. It is made to actually make your outfit look better!
  1. Symbolism
- Its popularity stated in the 1950's and was made famous by a certain culture- bikers. Because of wallet chains, this group of people has been known for decades. For them it is just more than a style or fashion, but it has been an accessory that represents all of them. It has been their symbol as well.
This time, we have added a collection for long wallet chains. This is more advantageous as it can be expandable which can make your wallets extra accessible as well. Regardless if you put them in front or at the back, it would stay convenient because of its extra length.
To know more about this set of longer wallet chains, here's a sneak peek of our collection. Take your time as you browse the list. We hope that you find the most suitable chain for you!
- Want that sleek yet low-key style of a chain, then have this wallet chain be carried and added to your outwear. Box-chained and comes with stainless steel material, this accessory would surely bring your fashion sense out and secure your essentials in a pocket. With a length of 75cm, this chain is composed of a lobster clasp and a U-hook on both ends separately.
- This really is one of a kind as this chain is rolo. It is composed of symmetrical links which absolutely provides durability an sturdiness to the chain. It is strong that's why it's the perfect choice for heavy-duty wallets. It is made of stainless steel and a feather charm. The lock is designed with a unique skull that gives it a more unique look.
- Talking about eccentricity, this wallet chain has it! The chain is made of brass and is carefully styled with skeletal hands. Due to its length, it is a great accessory to jeans an/or a wallet! It has a measurement of 65cm. That's why it can also be used for back pockets and wallets. Give this wallet chain a shot and see for yourself how it is different!
- Punk in style and out of this world, this wallet chain is a combination of fashion and accessory. The design is exquisite as the chain itself is styled with silver skulls. It might look scary, but at the same time, it rocks! Not only that, it can also be worn in two layers because it comes in two lengths- a 46cm and an 84cm. You choose what's best for you.
- A combination of a rope an box chain, you'll definitely love this wallet chain on our list. It is made of quality stainless steel assuring of its durability and long lasting use. It is designed with a wolf head on both ends which we find extra peculiar. The lock is also strong enough to be attached to a wallet- long and heavy. Length varies from 55cm to 70cm.
- Sleek and elegant, this long wallet chain is about to set a new standard when it comes to accessories. It is made of solid stainless steel with a cool design and exterior. It is Figaro chain that is thick enough to be used for a long time. It is 84cm in length and is available in black. It is the best chain to partner to your jeans or any rugged style.
- Made of brass, gold and cool, this long wallet chain is more than just a fashion wear as it can securely hold your wallet despite its lengthy size. It measures 74cm; it can be extended to the back for more convenience and access. It is composed of Figaro chains, a lobster clasp and a U-hook. For the exterior, it is designed with skulls on both ends.
- Fancy dragons? This long wallet chain is a perfect accessory for the coming Chinese New Year as it is designed with box chains and a dragon ornament on one end. It has a key ring and a lobster clasp. It can be easily attached to any kind of wallet because of its uncomplicated structure. Black in color, it can measure from 40cm to 70cm.
- If you are someone who is into punk-kind of style and wants to rock a cool outwear, then have it completed with this long wallet chain. It is ornamented with a cool cross charm just below the lobster lock/clasp and has a keyring on the other end. Made of stainless steel, it measures 69cm and is silver in color.
- Perfect for females, this long wallet chain is more than just a fashionable accessory as it can also work as self-defense ornament especially for ladies who prefer carrying big and long wallets in their pockets! Because it is made of stainless steel, it is strong enough and durable. With a measurement of 85cm, its available color is silver.
- Made of beads, this long wallet chain is adorable because of its exterior. It's catchy and stylish. Best styled for women, but It can also work with men as well. It is composed of a keyring on one end and a lobster lock on the other. It's suitable for people who prefer hip-hop styling, but it can also be a casual fashion.
- Specially made for men, this snake-like long wallet chain is quite distinctive because of how it looks. It comes with a very basic design, yet it works in a very extraordinary way. It is expandable which makes it easy to wear and can used for back pockets as well. Available in silver, it measures 85cm.
- Can work for both men and women, this long wallet chain is a fashion statement that one should try! It has a Figaro chain and comes with a measurement of 85cm in length. Made of stainless steel, this chain is composed of two lobster clasps; each is located on both ends separately.
- One that is loved by most bikers is this long wallet chain that comes with a rope design. Because of this amazing exterior, it has been a favorite among commoners as well! It is composed of silver scorpion ornament, a keyring and a clasp. The length is 69cm, and the color available is silver.
- Another box-designed chain is this lengthy accessory. It comes with a lobster lock, a keyring and a cross charm on the other end. It is 75cm in length and is available in silver. It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and perfect for long lasting usage. This wallet chain can securely protect any kind of wallet. Moreover, it comes with an additional feature wherein you can expand to reach your back pockets.