Most men opt for a more portable kind of carrier of cash and cards, thus majority of them prefer a small wallet. Who would not want one? Aside from it is handy, comfortable to bring and lightweight, it remains as functional as a long wallet. The only difference is it can only accommodate, of course, fewer things inside. Nonetheless, the fact that it can hold most of your valuable stuff like cash and cards is already an advantage!
Small leather wallets are perfect for men who are minimalist and do not feel like bringing lots of things with them. Some of the reasons why small leather wallets remain popular and marketable are: (1) They reduce clutter. These wallets may be featured with smaller compartments; it remains a practical wallet. (2) Small wallets are easy to carry in the pockets because of its size, structure and light weight. (3) They save your lower back from pain as they are portable. So if you are looking for both functionality and minimalism, this kind of wallet has them both! We'd rather say that small leather wallets are indeed a good investment!
Let us help you find the most suitable wallet for you. We have listed in this article the Top 20 Small Leather Wallets for this year! We have a lot of selections to choose from- all depending on your preferences! Hope you enjoy it as we introduce you our best collection of small leather wallets!
- A small wallet that fits perfectly and comfortably in jeans' pockets is this leather billfold wallet. Inside, it has spacious compartments for cards and a roomy slot for cash. It is also featured with a keyring for a wallet chain. Available in gray, tan and bronze, this handmade wallet measures 13.2cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.
- Badass and a perfect match for bikers and truckers, this leather wallet is trifold and works at full capacity. It has slots for cards and cash inside. Moreover, it is paired with a wallet chain. It is very useful for men who want to stay minimal with their valuables. Coffee is its available color. This wallet comes with a measurement of 11.8cm x 8,5cm.
- Undeniably simple, this wallet's uncomplicated design is what most people love. It is portable and only has a main compartment for a few cards, folded cash and some coins. It comes in different vibrant colors like brown, yellow, red, coffee and black. Measurements are 10cm x 8cm x 2cm.
- Comes with an incredible structure, this wallet is not just portable but also slim and handy. It can be put inside any kind of pockets easily. The shape is unusual that's why it is also eye-catchy and can be seen easily when misplaced. Inside, it has separate slots for cards and cash. Three colors are available- brown, coffee and black.
- Made of genuine leather, this wallet is ultimately functional and irresistibly fashionable. It is paired with a leather wallet chain and comes with a concho ornament on its front exterior. Billfold, this wallet has slots for both cards and cash. Black and red are its available colors. It measures 14cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.
- A portable wallet that can work at full capacity is this leather wallet that comes with a zippered closing mechanism, assuring its the valuables' security. Inside, it has separate compartments for cards and cash. It also has another slot for loose change or coins. Gray, bronze, brown and green are its available colors.
- This cool zippered small wallet is made extra special as it is accompanied by a brass chain, making it more stylish and helpful. The design is simple Bifold, this wallet is featured with card and cash slots inside and an enclosed compartment made for coins and other smaller valuables. Available color is coffee.
- Another accessory that is made of leather and is partnered with a durable silver wallet chain is this amazing wallet. It is trifold and comes with different slots inside for cards, cash, photos, IDs and more smaller belongings. It is featured with an efficient closing mechanism which is made of magnet buttons. Brown in color, it measures 10.8cm x 8,5cm.
- Vintage and small, this short wallet is made of genuine leather assuring durability and long lasting usage. It is billfold and has a roomy interior for your valuables like cash and cards. The slot for cash is also spacious. With a measurement of 12cm x 9cm x 2cm, this wallet is available in brown only.
- Short and portable, this leather wallet comes handy and absolutely convenient to carry. Not only because of its small size, but because it is easy to use and access. It is envelope-like in structure, but the interior remains spacious for folded cash, cards and a few coins. Available in four vibrant colors- brown, coffee, red and black.
- Made of distressed leather, this short wallet is vintage in style and soft in materials. It comes with a retro exterior which makes it more stylish in design. Billfold, this leather wallet is composed of slots and a compartment for cards and cash respectively. Dark brown in color, it comes with a measurement of 10cm x 8,5cm x 1cm.
- Shiny and wrinkled, this leather is a must have if you want an almost perfect short wallet. It comes handy and has a very approachable functionality and design. Closing mechanism is made of magnets which makes it easier to access. Slots and cash can fit inside entirely. Black and coffee are its available colors.
- Direct to the point and very minimal, this short wallet is high in demand nowadays because why not? It is portable and can accommodate most of your important cards. This wallet does not need any cover as the cards fit well in the slots with no chances of slipping out. It has stitches around the edges for added durability. Measurements are 10cm x 7cm x 0.5cm.
- A more personalized kind of accessory is this handmade leather wallet that is convenient and portable. It got slots inside meant for cards and cash. Durability is an assurance as it is crafted with stitches around the edges. Available in black, blue and coffee, this short wallet comes with a measurement of 11.5cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.
- Another slip-on wallet on our list is this short wallet that is an ideal holder for your cards, licenses and IDs. It is durable and handmade of leather and comes with a smooth texture. It can be easily put anywhere in your pockets. With a measurement of 11cm x 8.8cm x 0.5cm, this comes in two colors- black and coffee.
- Handmade and bifold, this short leather wallet is a definition of class. It is simple and elegant in design and structure. Stitches around the edges added more sophistication to its exterior. Inside is a roomy interior that is featured with roomy slots for cards and cash. Coffee and blue are its available colors.
- A slip on card holder that comes with a zippered slot is this short wallet that is made for men who prefer simple and minimal design. It got enough slots for cards, and the other enclosed sleeve is made for folded cash or coins. It is slim and easy to carry. Black, blue and coffee are the available colors.
- One of the most purchased wallets on our list is this short billfold. It is packed with numerous slots for cards and IDs and a spacious sleeve meant for cash and other paper valuables. It is durable as it is handmade of leather. Coffee and tan are its available colors, and it has a measurement of 11cm x 10cm x 1cm.
- Sleek kind of accessory that you can use in both formal and casual events is this short wallet that is handmade of leather giving it a smooth and shiny texture. Inside is a spacious compartment for cash and expandable slots for cards and IDs. Measuring 12cm x 10cm 2cm, it is available in coffee.
- This short wallet is something that can work at full capacity because of its amazing structure and interior. It is trifold that's why it can hold more cards because of its numerous slots inside. It also has a wide compartment for cash and other paper valuables. Available in coffee, blue and black, it comes with a measurement of 11cm x 9.5cm x 1.5cm.