You might not be familiar with sling bags, but they are actually a cool and useful bag. It's like a backpack but only comes with a single strap. Nevertheless, this strap is thick and durable enough to carry the weight of the bag even if it functions at full capacity.
Sling bags began in thee 90's. It has been a popular bag option because of its structure and comfort. It can be made of different materials like leather, nylon, canvas, denim or cotton. Sling bags are also a good alternative for backpacks. They have become an ideal carrier these days because of its portability and light weight. Though its popularity started many years ago, it has never lost its shine. That's why these days, it remains one of the most favorite stylish bags of many.
Sling bags are also versatile and are a great fashionable carrier as they can come in different styles as well. It come in styles like vintage, classic, modern or casual. They are easy to wear. Thus, it can be worn in different occasions as well. Sling bags can work as a chest bag, a one-shoulder backpack, or it is something that you can wear in front of your chest, over your shoulder or at the back.
To give you a more detailed description of a sling bag, we were able to come up with our own collection of leather sling bags. Hope this article helps you narrow your options as you choose the most suitable bag for you!
- A vintage leather bag that is commonly worn as a crossbody bag is this sling bag that can come in different classic colors- coffee, green, gray and tan. It measures 30cm x 14cm x 18cm. It can accommodate different valuables inside. It is composed of a main compartment and smaller pockets both on the inside and on the outside.
- Comes with a braided exterior, this sling bag is handmade of leather and unique as well. It comes with an average measurement of 34.5cm x 17cm x 26cm. It has a main compartment, a sub pocket and a zippered sleeve on the front. It comes with a durable strap. Thus, it can be worn as a one-shoulder backpack. Available in brown, gray and coffee.
- Appears differently from the rest, this leather sling bag comes with an abstract shape, making it stand out in a crowd of bags! The bag itself is made of genuine leather while the strap is made of thick and firm fabric which is also adjustable- leading to its easier access. Vintage coffee, gray, dark brown and black are its available colors.
- Multi-purpose and durable, this leather sling bag can be worn in several ways- it can be worn over a shoulder, around the body or simply hold it with a hand. It only comes in one color- a vintage brown. Interior-wise, it is spacious and can hold gadgets and stuff that are not too big. It measures 24cm x 16cm x 6cm.
- A leather carrier that's good for both travelling and hiking is this sling bag that is large enough to store a laptop inside. Not only that, you can also add other smaller valuables. It's a safe and durable carrier. It measures 48cm x 24cm x 12 cm, and it comes with a color of vintage coffee.
- Simple yet functional, this leather sling bag is a great portable carrier to keep your things while you go for a walk, a road trip or a short travel. It has a wide and strong strap that comes with a padded leash in the middle. It measures 33cm x 19cm x 8cm. Color available is dark brown.
- If you fancy a bag that is comfortable to carry and comes with a soft and genuine leather, then this sling bag is the one for you. Is is black in color and is packed with different compartments inside and out. Each sleeve serves a purpose for the owner. It comes with a measurement of 26cm x 15.5cm x 5cm.
- Somehow chic and good-looking, this leather side bag is actually meant for hiking. It comes with a lobster clasp closing mechanism so you can hold the bag together which adds protection to thee item itself. It is large enough to carry different stuff inside. With a measurement of 32cm x 18cm x 8cm, available colors are gray, coffee and brown.
- Large and a great alternative for backpacks, this leather sling bag can work as a travel carrier as well. It is featured with a large compartment that's why it almost looks like a barrel bag. Strap is durable and adjustable which makes it easier to carry. Measurements are 42cm x 28cm x 17cm while colors available are vintage brown and vintage coffee.
- A leather sling bag that is vintage in design and comes with a large interior, this carrier has a spacious compartment inside to accommodate most of your needed valuables. It is firm in structure, assuring the durability of the bag. It comes in three colors- vintage brown, red brown and coffee. 40cm x 26cm x 3.5cm are its measurements.
- Simple and stylish, this leather sling bag fits casual looks and basic outfits. It does not have complicated designs as the exterior is simply sleek and direct to the point. Despite its portable size, it is actually packed with different compartments meant for a phone, a wallet, a tablet, and other smaller essentials. It is available in brown color only.
- Triangular in shape, this leather sling bag is easy to distinguish. The closing mechanism comes with a fold and a magnet button. Strap is long enough to be adjusted for an easier usage. With a measurement of 30cm x 21cm x 5cm, it can hold many of valuables inside. It is available in colors like dark brown and light brown.
- This leather sling bag is oval in shape. Very common, but it functions very well as a carrier just like the others. It is made of genuine leather assuring the durability and long lasting usage of the bag. It only has a main compartment, but inside, it can store many things in an organized way. Measures 24cm x 14cm x 7cm, it measures dark brown and coffee.
- This catchy leather sling bag is easy to notice because of its unique shape and two main compartment on the front. One serves as a case for portable items like a phone, a billfold wallet or a cigarette case while the other is bigger which is meant for bigger valuables. Vintage coffee and vintage brown are its available colors.
- Similar to a backpack, this leather sling bag is simply amazing! People love the fact that it looks like a regular bag. However, it is more than that. It can work as a one-shoulder backpack, a crossbody bag or a chest bag. It is packed with multiple useful pockets and compartments inside and out. Black is its available color.
- Bulky, large and a perfect companion for any kind of travels, this leather sling bag is a perfect match for your needs as well! It comes with a vintage design, but the features are something you want in a bag. It got a phone case on the front, a spacious main compartment and smaller sleeves for tinier objects. It measures 38cm x 24.3 cm x 5cm.
- Portable and a great carrier as your go-to bag, this leather sling bag got it for you. It is adorable in structure, lightweight and comfortable to carry. It comes with two compartments that are both roomy to accommodate handy essentials. It measures 25cm x 18cm x 9cm while colors available are brown and coffee.
- What makes this leather sling bag stand out from the rest is its strap which is adjustable and can be turned to a handle on the top. Thus, it can also be worn as a handbag. It is also bigger in size that a smaller version of a laptop can fit inside. Firm and durable, this bag measures 43cm x 27cm x 16cm and 34cm x 24cm x 15cm. It comes in two styles as well.
- Not your ordinary kind of carrier, this leather sling bag can fit both a casual and a formal event. The profile is versatile as it comes with a vintage design. Plus, it is big enough that it can also be worn during a long trip! Comes in three colors- gray coffee and brown, this sling bag measures 48cm x 24cm x 11cm.
- And last but not the least, this elegant looking leather sling bag is one of the best options you can consider. Style is simple, yet it is flexible as it can fit in any kind of events. The leather is genuine with a shiny texture. Moreover, the bag itself comes with a secure closing mechanism. Black and coffee are its available colors while it measures 32cm x 16cm x 3cm.