We are now in the modern days where carrying a wallet is a must, not because of cash. But because of the demands of cards. As time passes by, the need for cash has been lessened. Transactions using cards has become a popular way of payment transactions- might it be bills or purchases. Cards have become the “new cash.” And of course, cards have to be protected as how we secure our cash. Thus, the innovation of a regular wallet to a cardholder is a such a bright idea. Kudos to the one who invented it!
Card holders, unlike an ordinary wallet, is often slim, portable, stylish and convenient to use. Despite of its handy-dandy size, it remains as functional as a long or big wallet! Cardholders vary in sizes, style, materials and colors. It can be made of leather or fabric. It can be thin or a little thicker. It can be available in different vibrant colors!
What most men love about card holders is the fact that it remains useful despite its minimalist profile and low key structure. Designs are usually simple but provides durability which is great for a long lasting usage! Since card holders are easier to carry, it definitely can fit into the size of any pockets.
If you are wanting more, we will give you more! Here is a list of our own collection of leather cardholders. These wallets are the top 20 favorites of our buyers!
- One that can work as a change wallet, this cardholder is very simple in structure as it only comes with a single compartment. However, it is secured with a zipper, assuring that your cards are protected inside. Vintage in design, colors available are yellow, brown, red, coffee and black.
- If you are that kind of person who likes carrying cash and cards, this cardholder can be what you're looking for. Cash can be folded so it can fit inside. Loose change can be put into it as well. And of course, cards and a few IDs can be kept in this cardholder. Brown, yellow, red, coffee and black are its available colors.
- Slim and sleek, this cardholder is one of the most popular choices among our shoppers. It is very simple in structure and style, but it is easily adored by every man. It is made of leather and has several sleeves to accommodate numerous cards and IDs. It is easy to carry and put into pockets. Available colors are red brown, brown, green and blue.
- You saw it right. This cardholder exactly looks like an envelope wallet. It's just that it comes in a small size. Interior-wise, it is effective because it got sleeves that can hold several cards, some cash and loose change. Moreover, it is enclosed with a magnetic button. Brown, black, coffee and red are its available colors.
- If you want a cardholder that's accessible, then you should add this item to your list. It is handmade of leather and packed with numerous slots to accommodate as many cards as possible. It can be easily put inside the pockets and portable. It's available in dark brown color.
- This adorable cardholder is actually a coin purse. However, since its multi-purpose, it can be used and carried in different ways, and that includes making it a storage for cards. Moreover, if you are a music lover and prefer bringing your earphones or earpods from time to time, then this is also a great case for them.
- Want your cards to be 100% protected at all times, then this cardholder is definitely a must-try! It is featured with an RFID system and a secure closing mechanism. Moreover, it has an extra zippered slot outside for loose change. Colors available are brown, coffee and black. The measurement is 8cm x 12cm x 3.5cm.
- Comes with various variant colors, this cardholder is one of the favorites because of its attractive profile. This is different from the rest as the card sleeves are located outside of the purse. On the inside is a roomy compartment for coins, loose change or folded cash. It's available in seven colors- dark brown, yellow brown, green, dark gray, wine red, blue and brown.
- Direct to the point, without complicated designs, this cardholder is basic and simple in every way. Regardless, it can still work in many ways- it can be coin purse, a wallet for folded cash, an earphone storage, and of course, a card case. Seven colors are available- black, green, blue, camel, brown, red and coffee.
- A billfold wallet that functions mainly to keep cards in place and safe is this cardholder. Each card is placed inside a plastic sleeve dividing each of them. Closing mechanism comes with a strap while the edges of the wallet is covered with stitches. It is available in brown color and has a measurement of 11.5cm x 8cm x 0.3cm.
- If you prefer a more minimalist feature of cardholder, then this item of ours is definitely for you! It is loaded with card sleeves back to back which makes it an effective storage for men who own numerous cards. It is plain in design but remains an elegant cardholder. Black in color, it measures 10cm x 7cm x 0.5cm.
- Horizontal and simple in design, this card holder is mostly known about its sophistication despite its basic style. It is surrounded with stitches along its edges, assuring the durability of the item. It is packed with multiple card sleeves back to back which makes it easier to access. Coffee, blue and black are its available colors.
- Another handmade leather design is this cardholder that comes with sleeves that protect your cards safely and in place. It is durable and can easily match any kind of occasion. Made of genuine materials, this cardholder is available in coffee, black and blue. It comes with a measurement of 10cm x 7cm x 0.5cm.
- This slim and a more personalized wallet is distinguishable because of its structure and functionality. It comes with a horizontal and vertical card sleeves which makes it a unique kind of cardholder. In addition, it comes with a zippered pocket for loose change or other tiny valuables. Black, blue and coffee are its available colors.
- One that we highly recommend is this bifold cardholder. The exterior is so special in design that it almost looks like a wooden item in appearance, yet it is handmade of authentic leather. Aside from being an effective cardholder, it's also a good item to store your IDs. Surprisingly, it is available in three colors- coffee, gray and green.
- Another bifold cardholder is this wallet that can accommodate many cards inside. The sleeves are flexible and spacious enough that it can work at full capacity. Despite its portable size, it remains an effective item. Coffee, blue and black are its available colors while it measures 11cm x 7.5cm x 1cm.
- A little longer and bigger than the other cardholders, this wallet is functional in every way. It can hold lots of cards inside. Moreover, folded cash can fit inside it as well. It is crafted with stitches around the edges assuring its durability. Available in three colors- coffee, blue and black, measuring 12.5cm x 8cm x 2cm.
- A wallet that looks like a mini photo album is this cardholder that is packed with plastic sleeves inside. Each is meant to store one to two cards which make it more efficient. Thus, you can keep lots of cards inside. It can be enclosed with a strap and a magnet button. It has a measurement of 10.5cm x 7.6cm x 2cm, and available in colors like coffee, blue and black.
- A bifold cardholder but comes with an extra-ordinary exterior, this wallet is simply amazing because of its structure. It does not have any cover. However, it can be folded into two because of a single strap holding it. Because of this design, it is fully packed with card sleeves and you can carry your cards as many as you can.
- A simple vertical cardholder, this wallet is handmade of leather. It is enclosed with a strap and a magnet button to keep it secured and safe. Inside are several slots for cards. Folded cash, some receipts and IDs can also be put in it. Comes in brown and green colors, this cardholder actually measures 10.5cm x 8cm x 0.5cm.