Men just like women need something that is handy to keep their cash safe. This led to the invention of bifold wallets. Most men are not complicated. They simply want a wallet that they can carry comfortably anywhere they go. Thus, billfold wallets are what they usually opt for safekeeping of their cash and cards.
Bifold wallets are portable in size. Despite of how smallor long it is, its purpose remains useful. It can do as much as long wallets do. They can carry different kinds of essentials like credit cards, cash, bank notes and other smaller items that would fit in tiny pockets. Definitely, a bifold wallet does a lot with a little. Some bifold wallets are extra innovated as they go with an RFID system which blocks cyber thieves. Bifold wallets are folded and are composed of plenty of card slots. Each wallet serves a different purpose depending on someone's fashion preference and lifestyle. But one thing is for sure, billfold is versatile that it can meet anyone's demands and needs in a wallet.
Let's help you narrow down your choices as we introduce you our own list of Top 20 Leather Bifold Wallets. We hope that you find the best wallet for you as you enjoy browsing our collection.
- A simple and handmade accessory is this leather bifold leather. It is easily folded because it is made of high quality materials. It is quite long yet remains portable that you can still put it in a jeans pocket. Available colors are brown and gray with a measurement of 19cm x 10cm x 2.5cm. It is composed of plenty slots for cash and card inside.
- This may look like one of those regular wallets, but don't underestimate this bifold wallet as it is made of genuine leather-- crafted by skilled hands of our artisans. It is vintage and stylish all at the same time. Inside, it has slots for both cash and cards. With a measurement of 12.5cm x 10cm x 2.5cm, it is available in brown, gray, bronze and green.
- Comes with a soft leather which makes it easy to put inside a pocket and comfortable to hold, this bifold wallet is also enclosed with magnetic buttons which added protection. Your essentials inside are more secure because of its closing mechanism. It has useful slots for cards and cash. Available in coffee color, it comes with a measurement of 13cm x 10cm x 1cm.
- Envelope like and could also work as a clutch, this billfold wallet goes with additional protection as well. The closing mechanism is built with a strap and a magnet button. Plus, the interior is roomy that it can actually hold a phone and other smaller items as well. And of course, it has plenty of slots for cards and cash.
- This lowkey long wallet is also bifold and is made of genuine leather. It has stitches around the edges for added durability. The texture is smooth, and the use is versatile. It can be carried on both casual and formal occasions. Inside, it has many slots for cards and a roomy sleeve for cash. It is available in coffee and has a measurement of 19cm x 19.5cm x 2cm.
- This unique bifold wallet is long in size and a little bulky. Nevertheless, it has plenty of uses because of its roomy interior and spacious slots for essentials that you want to bring with you. The closing mechanism is wonderful as it is built with a zipper around it. Available in three colors- gray, bronze and brown. It measures 18cm x 10.5cm x 2cm.
- If you fancy sleek-designed wallets, then this bifold long wallet is definitely for you. It comes with an embossed details for its exterior which added elegance to the wallet itself. Plus, it's shiny black color truly stands out. For the interior, it is fully packed with slots for cash, cards, receipts and other smaller essentials you can put inside.
- A bifold leather wallet that also comes with a leather chain is what this item represents. It is enclosed with a magnet button that's why it is rest assured that your belongings are extra safe. Inside is a zippered slot for coins, sleeves for cards and a main pocket for cash. Colors available are red and black, and it measures 14cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.
- Handmade and uniquely designed, this portable bifold wallet is detailed with a tooled craftsmanship. Around the edges are stitches which makes the wallet more durable. It is easy to access as it does not come with an enclosure, but it is easy to fold and comfortable to carry. Slots available are for cards and cash.
- Cute in size as they say, but the design is something that you can't never go wrong. It is detailed with embossed skulls and abstract designs. Comes in two tones- black and beige which resulted to a contrast color. Closing mechanism is composed of a strap with a magnetic button. Inside is a slot for cash and several cards. It is handy and at the same time, fashionable.

- This bifold wallet is super handy that it comes with a wristlet. You never have to worry about having it lost and getting it stolen because the wristlet chain itself does the work for you. Aside from the fact that it's a useful wallet, it's the best option for people who often misplaced their important belongings. Black in color, it measures 14cm x 10cm x 2cm.
- For men who love to be extra stylish with their accessory, then this bifold wallet is a must on your list. It comes with a tooled floral design for its exterior. Stitches are around the edges, and it is also easy to access because of its size. You can put it anywhere you want. On the inside, it's composed of slots made perfectly for cash and cards.
- Something that is distinguishable from the rest is this bifold leather wallet that is handmade and sleek. It comes with a concho design as part of its closing mechanism. The wallet comes with a chain which makes it easier to wear and more flexible. It comes with different styles depending on what you like. Inside is a spacious interior for your cash and cards.
- Prefer a simpler version of a bifold wallet, then have this leather wallet tested! It is so basic that most men love carrying it. The design is not complicated and very catchy that's why many have come to love its low key profile. Even though it is plain in structure, it still serves the same useful purpose. It can accommodate both cards and cash securely inside!
- A very handy wallet, this bifold leather wallet is definitely a suitable match for men who are always on the go and prefer a convenient way of storing their cash and cards. It comes with a minimalist design that is easy to pair with any kind of occasion. You will not go wrong with its interior as it comes with roomy sleeves for cards and cash.
- Thinking of a wallet that is long enough to accommodate all kinds of small essentials, then give this bifold wallet a try! It is paired with a stainless steel chain and is easy to hook around a belt loop for a more convenient way of carrying it. Inside, it has several slots for cash and cards. Moreover, you can even slide in your phone so everything you want to bring along can be handy! A great way to carry them anytime and anywhere.
- Another wallet that is sleek in design but very low key in exterior details is this bifold leather wallet. It is also handmade, giving an assurance that it is durable and smooth in texture. It has stitches around the edges that added to its long lasting usage. Cash, cards, coins and other smaller items can be put inside as it is roomy enough. Available in coffee color.
- This wallet might come ideally because of its extra ordinary exterior, but this bifold leather wallet is actually for real! It comes with an embossed crocodile-like skin design while the closing mechanism is composed of a strap, a magnetic button and a concho. It is also paired with a chain which makes it much easier to wear. Measurement are 19.5cm x 10cm.
- Not just bifold, but trifold, this leather wallet is for men who own more credit cards than others. The extra fold comes with a slot for photos and/or cards. It is also composed of a coin slot, enclosed with a button. On the other hand, cash can be put inside the main sleeve. This wallet is available in coffee, blue and black colors.
- And finally, the last item on our list is another trifold leather wallet. It is handmade of leather. Small in size, but it's the perfect wallet if you prefer it putting inside a back pocket. It is soft and flexible that's why it can easily adapt to wherever it may fit in. Available colors are coffee, blue and black. Several slots are meant for cards, while the main sleeve is for cash and other paper essentials you may have.