Sling bag is an ideal carrier these days because of its portability and light weight. Though people began using it in the 90's, it has never lost its shine. That's why these days, it remains one of the most favorite stylish bags of many. Sling bags are so wide-developed that it can be made of different materials. It can be made of leather, silk, fabric and canvas. Because of its versatility, it can surely match anyone's preference. However, today, we are going to introduce our valued readers our own collection of canvas sling bags. This article might help you narrow your option and enlight you why you need to have one of these bags!


Let's answer your question: Why do you need a canvas sling bag?


We've listed down some reasons:


  1. Lightweight yet strong. Even though canvas sling bags have a weight that is light and easy to carry. Its structure remains firm. As most of you don't know, canvas is produced using plain weave. Woven fabrics produce items, including sling bags, that are notoriously strong. It provides strength that can carry heavier things as well.
  1. Durability. Canvas sling bags are made of 100% cotton which is a durable material which provides a longer usage that can last for several years! Even decades, as long as you handle them with proper care. It can last long without tearing or wearing through.
  1. Washable. It does not require special care because it is very easy to maintain. It can be cleaned via washing machine without the fabric being damaged. Some stains and leaks can be easily washed out as well which is ideal for travels and adventures.
  1. Reusable. Of course if you can wash it, you can definitely reuse it and it will still look good. Since it is reusable, it also comes environmentally friendly. This is a great choice, especially if you're someone who cares for the nature so much!
  1. Easy to wear. Since sling bags are mostly portable. Thus, using or carrying it is basic. You can either wear it around your chest, over your shoulder, at the back or in the front. No matter how you carry it, it remains stylish.
  1. It's affordable! There's no further argument for this one as it is made to produce high quality but low cost materials.
And there you go! These are just some of the most important keys to buying a sling bag- and surely, a canvas sling bag is the perfect choice!
- Tired of carrying big bags while travelling, then this canvas sling bag might be the solution to your problem! This sling bag is just average in size and can be carried anywhere comfortably. It is secured with a belt-like strap and has a zippered slot at the back. It could be worn as a sling bag or backpack. Available in light gray and navy blue, it measures 37cm x 22cm x 7cm.
- A sling bag that's one of a kind because of its bucket style- this is the kind of bag that is great for adventures! It has a spacious interior for large and essential things and has additional outer slots to accommodate more things. Since its canvas, it surely is durable and can outlast any weather condition.
- This canvas sling bag is also a bucket style. It is easy to wear and secure enough because of its belt-like strap that can surely hold every thing inside. The strap is adjustable making the bag versatile as it can be worn as a hand bag, a shoulder bag or a one-shoulder backpack. It's available in two colors- coffee and gray green.
- For denim lovers out there, this canvas sling bag is your jam! Available in black, dark green and khaki, this bag It has multiple pockets inside for different items. An additional zippered slot is at the back for extra storage. Strap is adjustable for an easier access and wear. Medium in size, it measures 22cm x 13.5cm x 5.5cm.
- This simple yet sleek canvas sling bag is a keeper. It is made of durable materials and quite spacious inside which can hold large essentials like a notepad, tablet or books. It is the perfect bag for those people who go to school or work. It's a little bigger than the others as it measures 33cm x 20cm x 8cm. It is only available in black.
- One that comes with an exceptional frontal design is this canvas sling bag. It is styled with a diagonal zippered slot at the front which is built for an extra storage. It also has a main slot which is designed to store larger essentials. The strap is adjustable and changeable that it can be worn as a backpack, a shoulder bag or a chest bag as well.
- This canvas sling bag might look like it's made of distressed fabric, but actually it is made of quality materials that provide long usage and resistance. Inside is a main slot for bigger items while the other smaller compartments are for extra stuff that you want to pack. Strap is easy to wear. Available in dark gray, coffee and army green, it measures 16cm x 31cm x 7cm.
- Lightweight and slim, this canvas sling bag is a perfect option if you want to carry more things without compromising how you look. Because of its simple design and lean structure, it would not make you feel like you're wearing tons with you. This slender bag is available in two colors- khaki and coffee. Strap is adjustable and detachable as well.
- If you're the person who fancies camouflage designs, then make this canvas sling bag on the top of your list. You want it, so we give it. It has multiple slots for different kinds of essentials, and has extra slots on the outside for more storage. Strap can be detached and adjusted. This bag is also available in yellow camouflage. Measurements are 21cm x 33cm x 7cm.
- This canvas sling bag is distinguishable because of its structure and exterior. It comes with an abstract desing that makes it peculiar. Slim and thick in fabric, this bag has a spacious interior to store essentials. Available in black only, this measures 30cm x 14cm x 6cm. Strap is adjustable to suit anyone's style and ways of wearing it.
- Cute. This is the exact definition of this canvas sling bag. Because of its simple exterior with a hole concho on the upper right corner, it's been one of the favorites of both men and women. Minimal in design, its main slot can surely most of your essentials. Available in khaki and blue, this bag comes with a measurement of 37cm x 16cm x 7cm.
- A bucket bag and a canvas sling bag in one, this carrier is such a lovely sight for people who love hiking and extreme adventures. Since the materials are durable, it can surely outlast any kind of weather condition. For the closing mechanism, it's easy to access. Strap is adjustable which it can be worn as a backpack as well.
- Folded canvas sling bag? Then, we got it for you! This bag is easy to distinguish because of its structure. It's bucket-style that comes with a folded cloth closing mechanism along with a strap. A zippered slot is built on the back of the bag as well. The strap is adjustable making it versatile to wear. It measures 37cm x 23cm x 13cm.
- This canvas sling bag is so basic in style but remains its fashionable exterior. It is composed of a main slot, a front pocket slot and a back slot- all are zippered. Strap is adjustable making it easier to wear as a sling back, a one-shoulder backpack, a chest bag or a shoulder bag. Gray and black are its available colors.
- Fan of aztec designs? This canvas sling bag comes with a style that is way different from the others. The exterior design is complementing which makes it a great fashionable sling bag! It has enough spacious compartments for all the essentials. Though strap is slim, it remains durable. It's also adjustable. The measurement is 30cm x 18cm x 6cm.
- Waxed and canvas, this sling bag might get your attention. Just like the others, it's also composed of different spacious slots to cover several kinds of essentials- large and small. Slots are mostly covered with a zipper. The strap is a little wide and thick which can surely carry heavy things as well. Available colors are gray, tan, coffee and green.
- Canvas and leather in one, this sling bag is portable in size, but remains a roomy carrier that can absolutely hold plenty of things that you need. Most users wear them casually. The bag comes along with a firm strap that is adjustable. It measures 23cm x 15cm x 8cm and can be available in dark gray and gray.
- This adorable canvas sling bag is totally a must-have! It's the kind of bag that you can confidently putting anything you want! Bucket in style and made of durable materials, this bag is most suitable for people who want to travel in fashion along with their bag. It has a spacious slot inside that can accommodate plenty of things and comes with extra pockets as well! Black and army green are its available colors.
- Familiar of waist bags? This canvas sling bag is versatile that you can actually wear it as a belt bag as well. Though it is more smaller in size, it remains functional as it's a great companion for short travels an casual occasions. It's available in yellow camouflage; it has a measurement of 23cm x 14cm x 6.5cm.
- And last but not the least on our list is a vintage and denim canvas sling bag. This huge bag is composed of different compartment that would best fit your essentials. The main compartment is spacious that you can actually put a laptop in it. Other compartments are roomy as well that assures extra storage. It measures 29cm x 17cm x 11cm.