Derived from the word "sling" which means suspend (something), especially with a strap, so that it hangs loosely in a particular position, is the innovation of a sling backpack. Many decades ago, many wouldn't have considered carrying their small belongings in anything but in their pockets or an ordinary bag. Because of the succession of many influences around the world, comes the evolution of smaller bags such as a sling backpack. Its history is global. Different cultures have come up with their own version of sling bags. However, they all serve the same purpose and role. This is to make a bag easy to carry and convenient to wear. Sling backpack are usually small in size, slimmer in shape yet functional. It is big enough for everyone's daily essentials like a phone, a wallet, keys, pocket books and other portable stuff that a sling backpack can take. Due to its invention, both men and women's possessions have found their most suitable place. Since many countries have different varieties of a sling backpack, it is also made from numerous kinds of materials- from leather to fabric ones. Its design and style also vary which certainly fits everyone's taste.


So why opt for a smaller carrier like a sling backpack? The answer is convenience. Sling backpacks are easy, trendy and mostly affordable which makes it a popular selection all over the world. Its global appeal is tremendous and impeccable that it has become a top choice among people. Since it is not expensive, anyone can buy it as many times as they can. Its durability is an assurance as it can only carry light essential things. In addition, its maintenance is quite low yet it remains useful.


Because it comes with ease as you wear it, sling backpacks can be carried in many ways as well. Each of them has its own advantages. It's not just about style; it's also about flexibility. You can wear it over your back, across your chest, on your shoulder and even around your waist! Whichever way you carry your sling backpack, it all depends on your preference as there are plenty of options for you to wear one.


Sling backpacks are more than just a carrier. It is also a well-liked fashion accessory because of its appealing designs and styles. Most people love pairing their outfit with these bags on a daily basis or at any occasion. Its creativity is broad and diverse which currently appeal different kinds of people with different personalities as well. From minimalist and practical designs to exquisite and modish ones, these are all incorporated on sling backpacks. Some are also decorated with meticulous embellishments and patterns. Its incredible approach has become one of the reasons why sling backpacks are easily loved by many!


Last but not the least, sling backpacks, despite their portable size, are highly functional. Due to its innovation over the years, sling backpacks have become versatile. They make an amazing carry on but also work greatly as an everyday bag. It has an ample space for all your little daily needs and can manage your whole look together. Nowadays, many sling backpacks also come with anti-theft features which guarantee anyone and everyone that their necessities are safe and secure while holding all of them in place. Some are also built with a USB charger for phones and other devices. Awesome and handy, sling bags work perfectly to satisfy your demands all in a lightweight and compact bag!


If you're planning to purchase a sling backpack, then check out the list we created that introduces our top 35 sling backpacks for men. Let us help you decide on which type of sling backpack would suit your need and style. Hope you enjoy it and come up with your best choice!



Made with genuine leather, this sling backpack is known for its convenience and portability. Its small size has a roomy interior that carry everything you need. It has a shoulder strap which brings comfort and easy as you wear it. Available in brown and light brown, it also comes with a zippered pocket for storing smaller items.


- Because of its soft leather which is made from high quality materials, this fashionable sling backpack has been a favorite choice by many. Brown in color, it measures 31cm x 16cm. It is big enough to keep your things inside. It can carry smaller items too as it has an additional compact zippered sleeve on the front. Its shoulder strap is also adjustable which makes it a comfortable carry-on.
- Recommendable for fashionable individual but want to bring their essentials anywhere comfortably, this denim sling backpack is definitely created for them. It has a measurement of 26cm x 16cm. It can surely carry portable things like a tablet or an iPad, a phone, a wallet, a travel camera and many more. It also has extra pockets inside and out for smaller items.
- Sitting somewhere between a practical backpack and a functional sling backpack, this two-in-one bag is popular selection among people who love outdoors and traveling! Large in size as it measures 42cm x 31cm x 16cm, it comes with tons of compartments for all your essentials and other things. It also has a wide adjustable one-strap shoulder for your comfort and convenience. Keep everything around while you travel with this huge but portable sling backpack.
- Have your stuff in order with this stylish denim sling backpack! It comes with an adjustable strap, so you could carry everything around comfortably. Despite its portable size, this bag assures you that your items are kept in place. It also has smaller sleeves for other tiny things. This sling bag is available in black, brown and dark green.
- Available in two styles, this small but unexpectedly roomy sling backpack is great for storing your things while you are on the go. It measures 20cm x 28cm x 5.7cm and brown in color. It also has different sleeves inside; each serves various purposes according to your needs. It also comes with a wide and breathable strap to make it easier for everyone to carry around.
- This aztec-designed and pretty sling backpack is famous for its amazing patterns. Comes in dark gray and blue gray colors, this fashionable carry-on could actually keep most of your things securely in place. It measures 30cm x 17cm x 6cm and has different compartments inside for smaller items. It can be worn as a backpack or a backpack bag, on your shoulder or across your chest.
- Another travelling bag on our list is this amazing large sling backpack. It is useful in many ways because of its capacity to hold many essential things inside. You can be assured that your belongings are stored in place while you roam around. It comes with an adjustable bag which makes it easier to carry around. Made from denim and available in vintage blue, it measures 39cm x 22cm x 12.5cm.
- Because of its distinctive design, this barrel sling backpack has been a popular choice to many. Made from high quality leather, this bag can also work as a one-shoulder backpack. It comes with different compartments inside that are functional enough to keep your valuables safely in place. Despite its big capacity, this sling backpack remain lightweight and convenient to wear.
- This masterpiece of sling backpack is detailed with unique patters on it, emulated by crocodile skin. It measures 17.5cm x 22cm and is available in brown only. It is packed with various compartments and sleeves that are good for storing your belongings securely. Its strap is also made adjustable and breathable to make it more comfortable to carry. Because of its well-crafted style, it will surely stand out from the rest.
- With its peculiar exterior, this sling backpack is interesting in every way. It comes with a detachable strap and a handle on the side, so it can be carried as a handbag as well. It measures 10 inches and is only available in army green. It has an amazing full capacity because of its large which is an assurance that it will hold your things in place and securely wherever you go.
- Flexible and soft, this sling backpack can also be worn as a waist bag. It has two compartments for your things. One can carry a mini tablet, a wallet and a phone, and the other is smaller for more essential tiny stuff. It is available in two colors- tan and black. Its measurement is 28cm x 13cm x 9cm. Come in handy with this portable two-in-one sling backpack!
- Bigger is always better. This goes the same with this huge but highly functional sling backpack. Dark brown in color and measures 38cm x 17cm x 7cm, it is a great carry-on whenever you're on the go. Perfect for traveling and hiking, this sling backpack offers numerous slots for your valuable small things like a tablet or an iPad, phone, wallet, pocketbooks and many more. This bag never fails to impress people who love outdoors!
- Furbished with tooled leather, this sling backpack would surely turn heads as you carry it around. Designed beautifully with embossed details, this portable bag also holds many valuable things that you always want to keep with you anywhere you may be. Available in two styles, it also has a measurement of 26ccm x 16cm x 7cm. This is quite an exquisite choice of sling backpack that would surely make you stand out!
-This handy companion is an awesome innovation of a sling backpack. It is a suitable choice to carry your things whenever you are going out, travelling or even when you are hiking. It is packed with different kinds of compartments inside and out. It has a large slot for your wallet, phone, tablet and such. Smaller sleeves are located outside of the bag to hold more of your important things.
- Designed with an extraordinary exterior detail, this sling backpack has always caught anyone's attention. It is large in size which makes it an excellent selection for travelling. It can hold lots of things inside as it has several sleeve that are meant to keep your stuff. It also has addition zippered pockets outside for your other belongings. This sling backpack is available in coffee, brown and gray.
- This versatile sling is not only fashionable but is also handy in its own way. Made from high quality denim fabric with delicate stitching, this sling bag works effectively as a portable carry on that you could depend on wherever you go. It has multiple slots for all your belongings and smaller essentials. It measures 28cm x 16cm x 7.5cm and is available in denim blue.
- Because of its unique shape and profile, this sling backpack has been an eye-catcher. It is coffee in color and has a measurement of 24.3cm x 38cm x 5.3cm. It has an adjustable strap that can be word as a crossbody bag or a backpack. It has different compartments inside made for valuable things like a wallet, a table or an iPad and a lot more. Moreover, it has an extra pocket for a phone.
- Meticulously created in high quality leather, this sling bag is available in three colors- coffee, dark gray and brown. It comes with an adjustable strap that's why it is easier to wear. It can be put over your shoulder, across your chest or behind you just like a backpack. It has a larger slot for your wallet, table or phone. It also has extra pockets outside to keep more of your valuable things.
- Love at first sight! Many people have fallen for this sling backpack in just one glimpse because of its beautiful exterior and unique profile. Not only that, it can also carry most of your essential stuff. You don't have to worry going out as this sling bag is dependable and portable which makes it a great carry-on. It is only available in brown color but can be paired with any kind of outwear and style.
- Adaptable and easy to wear are just one of the characteristics why this sling backpack has been a popular choice to many. This sling bag can also be worn as a one-shoulder backpack, a waist bag or a chest bag. It has a measurement of 40cm x 16cm x 5cm which can hold tons of essential small things at full capacity. Go out and about with this handy and versatile sling backpack.
- Want a sling bag that has a capability of a backpack, then why not try this sling backpack? It effectively works both a sling bag or a backpack because of its adjustable strap. Moreover, it comes in plain color and a camouflage as well! It measures 37cm x 20cm x 15cm. It can surely hold and organize most of your belongings in one handy carry-on.
- This sling bag executes a very notable exterior design. It has a wide adjustable strap that makes it easier to carry and more adaptable to your needs. It can be worn over your shoulder, across your chest or at your back depending on your convenience. It can hold most of your important things as it measures 18cm x 6cm x 30cm. It is available in two colors- brown and coffee.
- Everyone has been loving this sling bag's simplicity and minimal profile. Available in vintage brown, vintage coffee, black- this measures 36cm x 18cm x 5cm. It contains different sleeves for your valuable stuff like a phone, a tablet or an iPad, a wallet and more. It also has additional slots for your cards to keep them organized and in place. Have this around while you go out and about.
- This is a perfect sling backpack for people who go out on a daily basis or for a travel. It is available in dark brown and measures 19cm x 33cm x 8cm. You can take this bag anywhere you go as it is capable of holding your valuable belongings while keeping them safe as well. It also has an additional zippered pocket on the front to store more of your smaller things.
- A water-resistant sling bag is a perfect match for people who like adventures in any season! Distinguishable because of its size and profile, this also comes in handy as it features different compartments that are all made to hold your essentials. It measures 24cm x 34 cm x 15.5cm- you can purchase this sling backpack in colors like rice white, dark gray, army green and brown.
- Cool and functional, this sling bag has gone a long way because of its conventional yet useful characteristics. It can store more of your things as it is packed with different slots to cater your needs in a bag. It has a measurement of 30cm x 18cm x 12cm and is available in brown. It also comes with smaller zippered pockets.
- Looking for a rugged yet durable bag? This sling bag might be the one you are looking for. Due to its water resistance, it can withstand any outdoor condition. Available in gray, tan, coffee and green, it measures 29cm x 16cm x 10cm. It is packed with various compartments to keep your belongings organized and in place. It also has extra sleeves outside for smaller items.
- This sling bag is easily distinguishable because of its unique shape and vintage design. It comes with an adjustable strap which makes it easier to wear any way you want. It is available in brown, coffee and camel. Also, it measures 37 cm x 16cm x 11cm. It comes with a zippered pocket at the back for an extra compartment. This sling backpack is also a great choice to hold your things around while you're on the go.
- A perfect way to showcase your style is choosing the right bag for you, and this sling backpack is a fashionable selection to match it! Comes in vintage design, this is available in different colors- vintage brown, vintage coffee, dark brown, tan, coffee and black. This bag measures 45cm x 20cm x 10cm. It can carry lots of valuable things inside like a phone, a wallet, a tablet, pocketbooks, keys and many more. What a great way to be in style while you go on adventures!
- This portable and adorable sling bag is both suitable for men and women. You can have one in colors gray, green and khaki. Its measurement is 26.5cm x 17cm x 7cm. It can keep your essentials securely in place which eases your worry of losing them. Moreover, it has an extra pocket on the front and is enclosed with a magnetic-buttoned cover.
- Tired of simple-designed sling bags? Why not try this one on our list that has comes with a noticeable profile and unique shape. Because it is larger than a regular sling backpack, it can sure store more of your things inside. Plus, it also has additional pockets sealed with a zipper on the outside. It comes with an adjustable strap, so it can be worn easily on the shoulder, across the chest or on the back.
- Many are adoring this sling bag because of its slim shape and versatile functionality. It might look flat, but it is surprisingly spacious inside as it can hold things larger than an iPad. Moreover, it has an extra handle on the side so it can be carried as a hand bag. It is also packed with various front pockets for additional compartments.
- Vintage style never misses our list as it has become an in-demand choice. This sling bag comes in ancient-like design which makes it more interesting. Your belongings are guaranteed secure and in place inside this bag. Moreover, it has additional zippered sleeves and an extra pocket for smaller valuable stuff like your phone, your card, etc. This sling backpack never fails to amaze most of our vintage enthusiasts.
- This sling bag might be the simplest selection from our picks, but it can also function effectively as a portable carrier. It has two slots that can store most of your valuable things like a phone, a wallet, a tablet or an iPad, a notebook or anything that can fit its interior. You can carry it around as it measures 35cm x 23cm x 7cm and is available in brown and coffee. Many are loving this sling backpack because its minimal yet capable of keeping things securely.
If you like going out endlessly without being anxious about your belongings, wherever it may be, then sling bags can do all these things for you! They are certainly convenient and will make you enjoy your travels while keeping your hands free from holding your bag. Hope you enjoyed browsing our list and have decided on which sling backpack suits your style and demands best! Thank you for trusting us to help you with your choice!