Commonly known as wallet chains, jeans chains are one of those accessories everyone needs to look out for in the coming years. It is something that people can wear casually and formally. It has been a part of the fashion industry since the 1950's, and since then, it has evolved into different styles. Nowadays, it is not only exclusive to bikers and truckers. People around the world can now experience its amazing features.
Jeans chains have a wide variety of designs that people can choose from. Each style is distinctive from each other. That is why, you can certainly select the best option for you. This accessory can be made of stainless steel, leather, brass, silver or gold. It also comes in different lengths—making it a flexible accessory.
If you want to know more about jeans chains and how it is styled, feel free to read this article.

Wearing A Jeans Chain with A Wallet

- Though its name derived from pants, jeans chain is created for the protection of wallets. Once you have one, you can be assured that they are secured in one place. Want to go on an intense adventure? No worries. Jeans chains are made to prevent your wallet from slipping off your pockets, being lost or getting stolen. You can travel anywhere with peace of mind and convenience!

Billfold Wallet (front pocket)

- This is pretty simple. Since most billfold wallets are put inside a front pocket, attaching a jeans chain to a wallet is made simple. You just have to connect one end onto the belt loop, while the other end should be clasped into a keyring inside your wallet. You can comfortably wear your wallet anywhere at any time.

Billfold Wallet (back pocket)

- As flexible as it can be, jeans chains are made longer and extra convenient so you can also put your wallet inside a back pocket comfortably. The attachment is just the same. You just have to connect one end onto a belt loop while the other end is attached to a wallet.


Long Wallet

We definitely know the struggle of bringing a long wallet all the time. Thankfully, a jeans chain has already got it covered. You don't have to experience it slipping off your pockets because jeans chain helps your wallet to keep secure and protected.


Wearing a jeans chain without a wallet

- Surprisingly, you can wear a jeans chain without a wallet. Yes, it is acceptable and ultimately fashionable. You can hang as many layers as you can. But of course, preferably, the maximum is up to three layers. It also comes in different sizes depending on how you would like to style it!

Short Pants Chain (not show off, low profile)

- If you are a minimalist person and does not want to display too much. Then, you can opt for short pants chain. It is low-key and doesn't show too much. Despite its limited length, it's still enough to style your jeans.


Long Jeans Chain (show off)

- On the other hand, there are people who prefer showcasing their creativity through fashion. For people like this, you can choose a long jeans chain. It is more attractive and dangling. That is why, it can easily catch attention.


Wearing a jeans chain with bag or purse

- Jeans chains are a perfect decoration for bags and purses. If you have not tried, this is the right time to be creative. Choose the best chain to design them, and you will be amazed on how different they will look. You can either hang it on the front or strap. No matter how you style it, it would totally give your bags and purses a whole lot different exterior!


Wearing Two Jeans Chains

- Are you a fan of layering, then this idea might be another great venture for you when it comes fashion. Jeans chains can come in pairs or two or more layers. Many people like them plenty because of how they stand out. And it can turn your casual clothes into really something special. Give it a try, layering of jeans chains would never fail you.

Short jeans chain + Long jeans chain

- When in comes to layering chains, you can mix and match same lengths and different ones. But for them to look more striking, we advise you to try layering a short jeans chain paired with a long jeans chain. This will give your jeans a distinctive profile even though you're just wearing them casually.


Wearing a jeans chain as Belt, necklace, fob chain

- Last but not the least, you can have your jeans chain worn as a belt, a necklace or a fob chain! Yes, you read it right. Jeans chains also make fabulous accessories. Most of our patrons have started their own collection of jeans chains as they also use them as fancy jewelry. You can also be creative as much as you can. What is more beautiful about them is that they can have pendants and charms hanging on it. Thus, giving jeans chains prominent look and could easily catch eyes!
Give yourself a treat by owning jeans chains. An affordable accessory that is practically useful. It does not only give style and fashion to whatever you wear, but it also features a lot of functions that are truly useful. Have it tried and worn, and be a fan of jeans chains as well!