Mens Waist BagsThe new 'it' bag this year is a waist bag! It has been in demand and spotted all over the world at most recent years and even today! It is also known as 'belt bag' or 'fanny pack' Maybe, you're wondering why people are dying to have this bag. Here's a simple answer: it is lightweight, portable and hands-free! Whether you are planning to go travelling, camping, hiking or just casually hanging around, waist bags are the one that you could always rely on especially when it comes to holding your valuables! These bags are made to carry your essentials without you making worry or conscious about their safety!


Waist bags are also versatile! Each type serves different kinds of purposes that match everyone's needs and demands in a portable carrier! There are waist bags that come with multipurpose straps and/or water bottle holders. These straps can be adjustable and multifunctional because of their usage. There are also waist packs that are meant for travelling, hunting trips and casual walks. Lastly, there are waist bags that are created for carrying arms.


These bags can be made of leather and fabric like nylon and waxed canvas. Waist packs can also be furbished with slash resistant panels and anti-theft structure. It is mostly composed of several organizational pockets and sections. Surely, your valuables are always in place and securely kept!


Waist packs also provide plenty of benefits and advantages. Just like what we've mentioned earlier, they are lightweight, meaning easy to carry! Despite how it is used as a bag around the waist, it doesn't easily fall off. Since it is hands-free, your shoulders, arms and palms are always available to move and take care of other things while your waist bag holds your essentials around. Despite its size and minimal style, it is surprisingly strong and durable. Anyone would easily love a waist bag because of how it functions and it is designed.


It's a good thing that you've come across our blog as we are also introducing our best 30 Waist Bags for Men! If you haven't tried having a fanny pack of your own or you're really curious about how it completes a style, then you must definitely try browsing this collection of ours!


 Number one on the list is our vintage waist bag! Made of genuine leather, this fanny pack is composed of different sections! Furthermore, ti has extra external pockets on both side to keep more tiny valuable. This bag measures 35cm in length with 9cm width and 15cm height. It is available in two colors- black and brown.
 Love vintage in canvas or canvas in vintage! This waist bag awesomely got both of them! Comes in green and gray, it has a measurement of 27cm x 13cm x 9cm. It is packed with big compartments inside despite of how portable it is. It also has an extra pocket on the front for extra styling and function!
An all-around kind of waist bag might be the one that suits you best if you like styling versatility. This belt bag can be worn around the waist, over a shoulder or on your chest! Measures 24cm in length, 14.5cm in height and 5cm in width- this bag comes in dark brown, brown and camel. It has several pockets inside and out that server different purposes as well.
A rocky type of carrier is this waist bag! Made of leather and comes with an edgy design, this fanny pack is suitably best for events and a day-to-day styling. It has an adjustable strap so anyone can comfortably wear it around his/her waist. Available in two colors- black and coffee, it measures 47cm x 20cm x10cm.
Anyone who loves minimal designs would definitely love this waist bag. It is only packed with one big compartment that can hold most of your things in one zip! Aside from colors coffee and black, it can also come in camouflage. For the measurement, it is 33cm x 22cm x 6cm. It is wide but handy enough to carry around any way you want it!
 This classic waist pack has been an eye-catcher because of its vintage styling that comes with a very vibrant brown color. It measures 40cm x 12cm x 5cm. It is functional and flexible at the same time as this fanny pack can be used on either casual or special occasions. It is composed of different organizational sections for your things' convenience.
 Our list couldn't be completed without a denim waist bag! This is a laid-back kind of bag that you can certainly carry around with convenience and style. The design is not complicated and likable! It is packed with two pockets that can carry most of your handy belongings. Available in vintage blue only- this measures 12cm x 28cm x 7.5cm.
This incredible waist bag remains portable despite its size. The design is intentionally simple and specially made for people who want to keep it low key. It measures 23.5cm x 5cm x 17cm that's why it can hold a tablet or an iPad hands-free! It is available in two colors- brown and coffee. Moreover, it has an extra layer of compartment for your valuables to be kept.
Effortlessly designed, this waist bag is loved by both men and women. It only has one compartment for everything, but still keeps everything in place. It also has an extra pocket inside for small valuables. Available in three colors- black, coffee and tan, it measures 29cm x 16cm x 6cm. Moreover, its straps are adjustable.
Multifunctional and incredibly hug,e, this waist bag is the perfect choice for a hands-free carrier! It measures 23.5cm in length, 10cm in width and 14ccm in height. It is packed with different compartments and sections to secure your belongings, and even petty valuable. Available in brown, this fanny pack is the one you need for any kind of adventures!
Simple yet sleek, this waist bag is interestingly modish. Its strap is adjustable that comes with a narrow-designed width. Its compartments can work at full capacity. It has a measurement of 28cm x 18cm x 13cm and is available in brown and black. Moreover, it is good in keeping your things in place without the worry of carrying it.
This denim waist bag is special in many ways as it can both work as a messenger or a fanny pack. In addition, it consists of different pockets and sections that can match all your valuables' needs. What's fantastic of it all is that its adjustable straps can be work around the waist, on a shoulder or over the chest! Available in dark blue, it comes with a measurement of 27cm x 13cm x 5.8cm.
 Famous for its minimalist style, this waist bag represents simplicity and elegance at the same time. Because of its uncomplicated design, it has been a favorite choice among men. Comes with one big compartment which holds plenty of things, this bag also has an adjustable strap. It measures 27cm x 6cm x 14cm and is available in brown.
Adorable and cute, this denim waist bag is quite a fashion. Not only that, it can be worn in many ways. It can work as a messenger bag, a shoulder bag or even a backpack. It is composed of different pockets that serve different purposes as well. It has a measurement of 21cm x 15cm x 6cm. This bag never fails!
 Made of leather with vintage design, this ultimate waist bag has captivated men's heart! Not only because of its old-fashioned exterior, but also because of its size and functionality. It goes with an adjustable and durable strap. Available in dark brown and brown, this fanny pack measures 21.5cm x 4cm x 19.5cm.
Another denim waist bag on our list is this modish fanny pack! It comes with an ombre design and is packed with different pockets and compartments. Each sleeve serves a purpose to store your valuables which is perfect for travelling! It has a measurement of 28cm x 16cm x 5cm and is available in denim blue.
This lovable waist bag is designed with one-of-a-kind exterior, making it interestingly stylish. It is made of leather and comes in vintage design. It is composed of different slots inside that are good for holding your things in place. Available in brown, it measures 23cm x 14cm x 4cm and is paired with an adjustable strap which makes it easy to wear!
A waist bag that is always on the go is this denim blue fanny pack that comes in a large size yet convenient to wear! It has a measurement of 15cm x 30cm x 15cm and is made of jeans fabric. It is packed with organizational sections and external pockets that can work at full capacity. Moreover, its strap is wide enough to carry the weight of your belongings!
Famous for its exquisite and minimalist design is this waist bag. Made of authentic leather and high quality materials, this fanny pack surely lasts for a long time. Tough and durable, it measures 22cm x 7cm x 13.5cm. Available in two colors- coffee and brown, it also comes with two styles. It is composed of two compartments and an adjustable strap.
Despite its portable size, this waist bag can also go a long way because of its large compartment that can keep most of your small valuables in place. It also comes with an extra zipped sleeve inside and two external pockets on the front. Its strap is adjustable which is convenient to wear around a waist. Black and brown in color, this fanny pack measures 26cm x 14cm x 5cm.
Fond of high quality leather? Then you should have this waist bag on your list as it is made of genuine materials. It comes with a strap that is easy to adjust so you can wear it around your waist, on your shoulder or even across your chest. It has a measurement of 8 inches and is available in black only. It is full packed with that useful pockets for your things!
Durable and easy to wear are just one of the characteristics of this fanny pack! Not only that, it is crafted with quality materials and decorative exterior. It has useful pockets that match your needs in a bag. In addition, it has extra small zipped sleeves on both sides for tiny valuables. Vintage and available in coffee and tan, this measures 17cm x 6ccm x 27cm.
Not just a waist bag, but also a messenger bag. This 2-in-1 fanny pack is perfect for individuals who are always on the go and love to style bags in different ways. Moreover, it is composed of compartments that are similar with a courier bag which surely holds your things in places. Available in black, khaki and coffee, this bag measures 28cm x 19cm x 5cm.
If you are one of those people who prefers basics and plains, then this waist bag is definitely for you. Exterior is low key in design and is only packed with a large pocket/compartment to store most of your small valuables. Available in brown and coffee, this bag measures 25cm x 15cm x 10cm and comes with a durable and adjustable strap!
This waist bag might be a great choice for bikers and for those who are fashionable! Its exterior comes with 3 decorative pockets that serve as storage for a phone, a wallet or a cigarette case. Moreover, it's easy to distinguish because of the extra holes designed on the bag. It's only available in brown color and measures 25cm x 4cm x 14cm.
Furbished with soft and quality leather, this waist bag is a little different from the rest as it is decorated with a distressed style. Nevertheless, it just adds more spice to this bag! It has one large zipped pocket to secure your things in one place. It has a measurement of 32cm x 13.5cm x 5cm and is available in two colors- black and brown.
This belt bag is not just only stylish but is also multifunctional. This is a good choice for those who like to carry their important tools around. This is perfect for salon personnel to keep their scissors and combs in place. However, it always works well with ordinary individual as a casual day-to-day bag. Available in coffee and brown, this measures 22cm x 2cm x 15.5cm.
With its vivid stitches on the edge, this waist bag has never more stylish. Its incredible exterior comes with a vintage design. Each compartment is sealed with a zipper which assures that your things are always in place and secure. This bag is available in coffee and camel and has a measurement of 32cm x 7cm x 14cm.
A waist bag that comes in huge size and fashionable denim exterior would surely steal your heart! This fanny pack is one of the best carriers for travelling or camping if you want a a hands free bag! It is packed with two big compartments that can both work at full capacity without compromising the its convenience. Available in denim blue, this bag measures 25cm x 16cm x 7cm.
And last but not the least on our list is this waist bag that has become distinctive because of its double cross concho located on its front exterior. It comes with a big compartment and an extra zipped sleeve on the back. It can handle most of your small valuable and keep them securely in place. Available in red brown and brown, 34cm x 5cm x 17cm are its measurement.
Owning a waist bag is such a relief whenever you are on the go or simply roaming around. You won't have to worry holding your bag as it is wearable around the waist. If you're looking for one, I hope we were able to help you narrow down your list with our very own collection! Thank you for browsing. We look forward to your purchase! :)