Messenger bags are a representation of practicality and fashion! It is most appealing to men, making it a popular collection among them! These bags are convenient, versatile and can actually and literally accommodate most of your belongings without compromising your outwear and your style!
Most people think that they are all similar. However, they actually differ in materials, uses, shape and sizes! Its fabric has a wide range that it can vary from vinyl and cotton to leather and denim and a lot more! Overall, messenger bags are undeniably high quality and high fashion! No wonder it has taken the market worldwide by storm!
Messenger bags became popular because of its functionality. But where did its name derive from? These bags are called messenger bags because, in the past, they were used by messengers or couriers. Nowadays, it has become a contemporary style and has become a part of fashion industry as well! What people love most about messenger bags is the fact that it can function at full capacity! You can put everything inside it while conveniently carrying it around anywhere you go! Plus, you can pack and pull out your things with ease while they hung on your shoulders! This is the kind of bag that is useful and stylish at the same time!
Why should you choose a messenger bag? If you're someone who's into durability and functionality, someone who prefers carrying many things with you, then the messenger bag is definitely your type! Most messenger bags has spacious compartments to provide storage for your laptop, books, documents and other office and/or school stuff! Material-wise, it can be made of different ones, but it all depends on what you look for! Messenger bags also have different kinds of closure. Each of them suits a person's taste preference. It can be sealed with a zipper, a tuck lock closure, a magnetic flap or a buckle closure. All of these things add security and protection to the bag!
What are you waiting for? Grab one for yourself so you can travel freely with all your valuable with you! Here's a collection of our very own messenger bags! These are the best 30 messenger bags we have for men! All of them were hand-picked and chosen by most of our buyers and staff! Enjoy browsing!
- Are you a rugged style enthusiast who prefers minimalist designs? This rusty messenger bag might be the one that suits you best! It is not too big for its size, lightweight yet remains functional. It has a measurement of 29cm x 21cm x 10cm and is available in brown! It can store an iPad as well and has extra zipped pockets on the outside!
- This cool leather bag can represent your American Dream! It is made of high quality leather and has a portable size, just big enough to hold your wallet, phone and other smaller valuables! Colors available are coffee and black. This amazing bag measures 22cm x 17cm x 5cm. It also comes with an adjustable strap!
- Something that is distinctive in style and shape, this bucket messenger bag can match all your adventure and casual outwear! It is available in colors like brown and light brown! It only has one spacious compartment inside that can store things like clothes, bottled water, phone, wallet, books and a lot more! It works as fully capacity despite its portability! It measures 30cm x 14cm!
- Want to own a fashionable bag that you can bring anywhere you go? This messenger bag is popular among women especially to those who like styling! It's simple with less complicated exterior details. It goes with a measurement of 23cm x 15cm x 9cm is available in brown only! Despite its adorable size, you can actually store plenty of valuables inside it!
- Simplicity at its best, this messenger bag displays a minimalist design- from its exterior down to its interior design. It is composed of two roomy compartments that can carry stuff like pocketbooks, notebooks, wallet, phone, a powerbank, pens and many more! It also has external pockets for more storage! With a measurement of 26cm x 19cm x 10, this bag is available in black.
- If you're someone who fancies bringing your most of your things with you, then this plus size messenger bag might be the one for you! It's made of authentic leather and comes with a wide adjustable strap! Available in black,it measures 32.5cm x 24.5cm x 8cm! It is packed with useful compartments inside and out! Thus, you won't have to worry of carrying your belongings while going on an adventure!
- Famous for its catchy design, this messenger bag can actually be worn as a crossbody bag or a shoulder bag! It comes with two spacious compartments that can store plenty of valuables as well. It has three extra pockets on the front and on the back. It is available in two colors- brown and coffee! The measurements are 28cm x 21cm x 7cm.
- Something that's not horizontal, this vertical messenger bag represents convenience and simplicity! It doesn't have too much details externally, but it sure is multifunctional! Inside, it is packed with different compartments assuring every user that your valuables will be organized and securely in place. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap! Measuring 20.5cm x 26.5cm x 2.5cm, this messenger is available in brown.
- Of course, our vintage minimalist-styled bags will always be on our list, and here is the first one for you! This classic bag is famous among college and career women! It's elegance adds beauty and fashion. Lightweight, this messenger bag is composed of different storage inside! It can hold a phone, a wallet or anything separately! Available in dark brown and brown, it goes with a measurement of 24cm x 20cm x 6cm.
- A messenger bag that's made of high quality leather, this essential is a must purchase on your list! As you can see, it's unique exterior can make you stand out while wearing it! It is full packed with different kinds of compartment according to your demands in a bag! Measuring 27cm x 28cm x 8cm, this bag comes in five colors- Dark Brown, Brown, Orange Brown, Camel and Red Brown!
- Perfect for people who love satchel style, this messenger bag is something that you'll surely love! Made of soft leather with shiny texture, this bag is known for its comfort and versatility! Available in three colors- black, coffee and brown, it measures 38cm x 28cm x 11cm. It has a roomy compartment inside and has additional pockets outside.
- This messenger bag is exquisite of its vintage style. It also comes with ombre colors that are surely interesting to look at. Colors available are vintage coffee, vintage brown and tan. It measures 28cm x 24cm x 7cm. It's vertical and portable. Packed with plenty of storage, you could store many valuables inside it as well! Moreover, it comes with an adjustable strap that you can conveniently wear anywhere!
- Simple and convenient, this messenger bag is perfect for minimalist people. It is easy to wear because of its adjustable strap that is long and flexible enough. Available in dark brown and brown, this bag measures 28cm x 21cm x 7cm. It is roomy enough to store many valuables like a table or an Ipad, a phone, a wallet, books and many more!
- Another barrel bag on the list is this adorable messenger bag that comes in different colors- vintage brown, dark brown, coffee and vintage coffee! All have distinctive exterior and shade. What makes this bag extra durable is the stitches on its edge. Straps are adjustable. Its interior has spacious compartment for all your belongings! Plus, it has an extra sleeve outside.
- A messenger bag that is styled with vintage details, you'll surely love this one! Its amazing functionality is one of its features! It is packed with different compartments that can meet all your demands in a bag! Color available is coffee. This bag has a measurement of 25cm x 19cm x 7.5cm. It also has an extra zipped pocket on the back for more smaller stuff!
- A bag that perfectly fits your everyday task is this messenger bag. It is portable in size but can store many things that you may need when going to work or school! Thus, this bag is popular among students and office workers! Measuring 27cm x 23cm x 10cm, this messenger bag is available in coffee. It has several storage that can hold different things.
- Want something that is fashionably unique? Then, check out this messenger bag as it suits your taste! Its exterior details are so ethnic and unbelievably pretty at the same time! The conchos on the bag add more interesting effects into it! Lightweight and portable, this bag measures 27cm x 22cm x 4cm. Color available is vintage coffee- it has a spacious compartment that can store most of your essentials!
- Multi-functional and versatile, this messenger bag could be your go-to bag! It can outlast any kind of outdoor activities as it is made of high quality leather and is designed with plenty of features. Available in coffee and tan, this bag measures 19cm x 22ccm x 5cm. It has extra pockets on the outside that can hold small valuable. Inside, you can put bigger essentials like a phone, a wallet, a tablet or an iPad, pocketbooks and a lot more!
- This messenger bag's adjustable strap is what most people like about it. It comes with a pad so you can comfortably carry it around even if it's full of things inside! It has stitches on the edges that make it more lasting and durable. It measures 12 inches and is available in three colors- dark brown, brown and red brown. It is composed of different sleeves and storage which can surely organize your valuables inside!
- Smaller in size, surprisingly, this messenger bag can hold things up for you wherever you may go! Lightweight, portable and durable are just some of its features that most people like! It is available in five colors- red brown, tan, brown, black and dark coffee! It also measures 23cm x 17cm x 7cm. Inside, it is composed of several sleeves and pockets that can securely keep your things in place!
- Popular among college students, this messenger bag has been a hot choice recently. Its exterior looks amazing as it is because of its extra ordinary enclosure. Just by looking at it, it can guarantee protection to your belongings. It's quite huge as it can function at full capacity which is good for working and schooling and even traveling! Only available in brown, it measures 36cm x 24cm x 9cm.
- Low key that comes with uncomplicated exterior details, this messenger bag is quite one of our most picked selections. It's easy to wear and can be carried anyhow you like it! What's more amazing is it has different colors- black, vintage brown, dark brown, brown and dark coffee. It has a dimension of 30cm x 23cm x 3 cm. Its spacious interior is composed of different sleeves and many valuable can fit inside it!
- One that can work as a barrel bag and a camping bag is this messenger bag. It comes with a vintage design that made it more stylish to wear. Moreover, it is packed with different storage to accommodate your valuables. Color available is brown- it has a measurement of 8 inches. Its strap is adjustable and detachable as well! Have a try of this awesome bag and experience it yourself!
- This messenger bag must be added to your list because of how it functions and how it is designed! Its exterior usually stands out because it is decorated with enclosed pockets! It can store most things inside especially those small essentials! It is made to organize your things while keeping them in place! Available in brown and coffee, it is average in size and portable to use!
- A camera bag for photographers and photo enthusiasts, this messenger bag suits them best! It is specially made for people who love travelling and, at the same time, taking pictures! Inside, it has a compartment for a camera and its lenses, and other spacious sleeves for valuables. It is available in coffee and tan- this messenger bag could be the perfect companion for your camera and yourself!
- Designed with a crocodile texture, this messenger bag is exquisite in every aspect. Its functionality is just like any other messenger bag, but the exterior is outstanding! It is uniquely styled with an animal texture and is decorated with a dragon head on its cover. Available in dark brown, this messenger bag goes with a measurement of 17cm x 23cm as it comes in a vertical shape.
- A messenger bag that you can rely on when going out, this bag is the ideal choice. It is available in three colors- black, brown and apricot, it also measures 24cm x 20cm x 7cm. It can be worn as a shoulder bag, a crossbody bag and/or a side bag. It is packed with different compartments inside and out! It is the perfect go-to bag when travelling around!
- Wanting a waist bag that you can also use as a messenger bag? Then you should add this bag to your list and get it right away! This bag, despite its portable size, is actually multi-functional. Available in brown and coffee- this messenger bag can store your small valuables and keep them in place while you enjoy roaming around! It has a measurement of 14cm x 18cm x 5cm!
- This cute mini side bag can actually work as a messenger bag because of how it can function as one! It has a spacious interior for most of your important belongings! The strap is adjustable and detachable. It can also be worn as a belt bag or a waist bag! Available in black-it has a dimension of 20cm x 12cm x 6cm.
- Another portable messenger bag, this bag could really catch your interest! It is not too small as it can accommodate small valuables at full capacity! It comes with an adjustable strap which makes it easier to wear. It has a measurement of 18.5cm x 13.5cm x 4.5cm and is available in three colors- black, brown and dark brown!