It's a new year indeed, but some things just never get old! Like a wallet chain! Wallet chains have drastically become one of the new famed accessories since the last few years. Until now, it's been a popular choice. Aside from the fact that wallet chains are fashionable, they remain useful and accessible. It's easy to wear and versatile to any kind of outwear. Because of its catchy exterior and simple functionality, there's no wonder that many people have loved it to this day! Wallet chains, aside from its diverse design, also comes in different measurements to meet anyone's needs in a chain. It could be worn as a fashionable accessory or a helpful clothing attachment.
As times pass by, the development of wallet chains have been modernized and constantly changed. Nevertheless, it remains stylish and glamorous. Today, we will introduce a different kind and a not-so-ordinary kind of wallet chain-- a black wallet chain. Similar to regular ones that come in silver or stainless steel color, this black chain is also a favorite selection by many users because of its sleek and unique form and style.
To give you a glimpse of what it looks like and how it is used, here is our own list of top 15 black wallet chains from our collection. We hope that you enjoy browsing and come up with a purchase! Don't worry because it's worth every cent!
- Cool and edgy, this black wallet chain is number one on the list because of its popularity to many users. It comes with a simple exterior, but it could definitely make someone's wear more sleek and modish. It is made of flat chains and comes with a keyring and a lobster clasp on the end, securing your wallet and/or its place. It measures 87cm x 1.8cm.
- This black wallet chain is long in measurement. It is best worn when you are using a long wallet. It can be extended because of its length. Thus, it assures that your wallet is protected even though you put it inside a back pocket. It has loop chains and has a dimension of 60cm. Aside from its usage, it can also be worn individually as part of your clothing. You can either hang it on your bag or use it as a fob chain.
- Crafty and specially made, this black wallet chain is created by skilled hands. It is handmade and braided. Its material is leather which can also assure durability and long lasting usage. You can get this chain at a reasonable price as well. It comes with a U-hook on one end and a lobster clasp on another. Though it only measures 61cm, it remains functional as it can still hold a wallet and surely secures it in place.
- Want something that is beyond ordinary? Why not try experimenting with this awesome black wallet chain that looks like handcuffs at first glimpse! You're not double seeing it. They are totally similar. Anyway, this chain is composed of two layers- one comes with loop chains while the other has flat chains. It measures 40-50cm. This is truly a must try!
- One that would definitely rock your outfit, this black wallet chain would not fail you! It has three layers, and they are all composed of strong flat chains which assure durability that is effective for long term use. It can both work as a fashion accessory that you can add to your outwear or a useful tool to hold your wallet securely.
- Definitely this chain is unexpected, from its design to its exterior and materials! This black wallet chain can also come in different colors. It is leather handmade and braided to make it firmer. It has two lobster clasps; each is located on both ends. The design is exquisite as it is patterned with the theme “koi fish.”
- On this list, we have featured several leather wallet chains and one of them is this handmade black leather chain that is crafted with a braided design. Simple in exterior but caters a lot of uses and is extra fashionable. It is composed of two lobster clasps that serve as locks. Aside from black, it can also come in beige. It measures 53cm in length.
- This might be the most basic wallet chain you'll ever encounter! This sleek and low-key black wallet chain's design is simply different from the rest because of how minimal the exterior is. It is handmade and crafted with leather materials. 50cm in length, this wallet chain remains useful as the other ones. It has a U-hook on one end and a lobster clasp on the other.
- Another minimalist design on our collection is this black wallet chain that also comes with a sleek and simple exterior. It is styled with gold U-hook and lobster clasp to complete its whole look. Despite its simplicity, it is still functional as a wallet chain and can securely hold a purse and protect it. It measures 50cm and can also come in different colors.
- This particular wallet chain is exceptional and incomparable! Starting from its exterior, it is made of chains that are quite different as they come intact in round shapes. It is called a dragon chain because of its design. It is also patterned with a dragon theme. It can measure from 40cm to 70cm. It comes with a keyring so it could be easily worn and attach to a wallet.
- This badass black wallet chain is partnered with a long silver chain making it a two-layer chain! It is edgy and can bring out that strong personality in you. It is popular to bikers because of its exterior, but it also slowly becoming popular in the chain industry. It measures 67cm and can be both worn as an accessory to outwears or a useful wallet chain.
- Woven and exceptional, this must be one of the favorites among men. This black wallet chain is woven and has a skull theme making it extraordinary. It is framed with a stainless steel to make it firmer. It is black in color and has a measurement of 66cm. It is fashionable that's why it can be worn individually as well.
- Cool and modern, this black wallet chain is crafted with a machine-like chain. That's why it is catchy and would make heads turn. It can also come in silver, depending on one's taste. It's quite lengthy as it measures 84cm. It is great for holding wallets because of its quality and strength, but it also looks great when it's used as jeans chains or fob chains.
- Leather and stainless steel in one? This black wallet chain is made of braided leather and comes with a brass wallet chain as well, making it a stylish combination for a chain! It is double layered and both are connected by keyrings. It has a pirate hook and a lobster lock to complete the whole look. It can securely hold wallets in place as it measures 52cm.
And that finishes our collection of black wallet chains! Take your time as you choose the most suitable wallet chain for you! You are never too late for fashion. It's the New Year, so bring out the best in you!