Everyone seems to be raving about having a wallet, but have you ever thought of owning one that goes with a coin pocket or a coin purse as well? I guess not! I can't blame you because we are in these days wherein bringing coins is such an inconvenience. However, the need for change and coins is still imminent. That's why here in our shop, we are also offering and encouraging our patrons and potential consumers that having a coin pocket is also essential!
Wallets with coin purses or pockets are so helpful in many ways. It adds functionality to the wallet itself. It provides more storage for stuff like change, coins, a pair of earphones and more smaller stuff that it can accommodate. You won't have to put every cent or penny you have in your pocket because that is what a coin purse in a wallet does! In addition, it comes in different closures- it can be sealed with a zipper or a magnetic buckle!
Without further ado, we are glad to introduce to you our very own collection of wallets that have coin purses. Most of these selections were chosen by our valued shoppers and personalized by our store's admins! Each design is distinctive and could easily match anyone's taste! I hope you enjoy browsing our list and come up with your own selection!
Something that comes in a retro style, this slim wallet is fashionable in every aspect from its structure to its design. It can match any kind of casual events and a day-to-day outwear. Available in five colors- brown, red, black, tan and coffee, this wallet measures 11.5cm x 8cm x 1cm. Both cards and coins can fit in this wallet. Portable and easy to use, this could be your go-to small wallet with coin pocket!
This front pocket wallet is uniquely well-designed that suits best for people who love fashion and style. It's easier to access as it doesn't use a zipper or an enclosure. Nevertheless, it still guarantees protection. Colors available are brown, red, black, tan and coffee. This wallet also measures 9.5cm x 6cm x 2cm. Moreover, it has slots for both cash and cards!
- This has been a favorite slim wallet by most men. Aside from its vibrant colors, it is also portable which makes it easier to carry, bring and slip into any kind of jean pockets. It goes with a measurement of 12cm x 9cm x 1cm and is available in different colors- yellow, Christmas red, charcoal, chestnut and black.
- A multi-functional wallet, this keys holder wallet also works as a card holders and a keys holder! Its versatility has attracted many men to purchase this amazing accessory! It has a dimension of 11cm x 7.5cm x 2cm. Colors available are brown, coffee and black. This key wallet is made of leather and can be sealed with a zipper and an enclosure!
- For vintage lovers, this double zips key wallet must be the one you're looking for! It is made of leather and comes with a wristlet. That's why you can conveniently bring this anywhere you want. It measures 11cm x 7.5cm x 3.3cm. It's only available in vintage brown. It has a roomy compartment for coins and cards! It also has an extra space for keys!
- One that assures durability and protection is this coin wallet which is made of high quality leather. It has a vintage design and has slots for half bills, cards, coins or change! The measurement is 11cm x 8cm x 2cm. It is available in four colors- brown, yellow, red, coffee and black! This is the kind of coin wallet that you'd want to carry around! 
- Just slightly shorter than a long wallet, this biker wallet features plenty of functions. Surprisingly, it has slots for cards, full cash, checks and coins. Moreover, it can also work as a wristlet wallet. Thus, making it more convenient to wear! It's available in brown. This biker wallet with zip coin pocket also has a measurement of 19cm x 10cm x 1.6cm.
- A perfect selection for minimalist person, this wristlet long wallet comes with an excellent exterior. It is made of high quality soft leather. It can work as a clutch because of its additional feature which is the wristlet! Available in black and brown, this long wallet also measures 14cm x 10cm x 2cm. It has slots for cards and cash.
- Bulky yet useful, this amazing long clutch wallet is packed with a lot of features! Obviously, its quite big for a wallet. However, it can also work as your portable carrier which can hold most of your valuables like cash, cards, phone, headset, coins, check and anything that can fit inside it! It has a measurement of 19.5cm x 11.5cm x 3cm and is available in coffee!
- An average size wallet that can still fit your pocket is this one that comes with a coin slot! It can both work as a clutch or a wallet depending on how you need it! It is made of soft leather. Thus, it is lightweight and portable. It also has extra slots for cash and cards! This measures 13.2cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm. Colors available are dark brown and black!
- This classic long wallet is so functional that could be easily loved by people who are always on the go and adventures! It is available in brown and has a measurement of 19.5cm x 10cm x 2cm.It has slots for every small valuables like cards, cash, coins and headset! It's something that you can easily carry because of a wristlet attached to it!
- Simplicity at its best, this long wallet that comes with a coin pocket can rock anyone's outwear! It's so flexible that you can wear it on a casual day or a special occasion. It's also all-around as it can hold cards, cash, IDs, pictures and change or coins! What an amazing way to store your tiny valuables! Have this in brown, gray or bronze!
- Comes with a distinctive design, this distressed leather zip long wallet is also paired with a coin slot inside it! It is securely sealed with a zipper that's why you won't have to worry about your valuables being stolen. It has a measurement of 20.5cm x 10.5cm x 3cm and is available in black, tan and red brown!
- Love travelling? You don't have to worry anymore as this cool and multi-functional travel wallet could be the greatest companion ever! It's big and long enough to carry a passport, plane tickets, full bills, pens, cards and change/coins! You can carry it around with ease while you're enjoying greatest adventures in your life! It measures 19cm x 11cm x 2 cm and is available in tan!
- Crafted by skilled hands and is made of tooled leather, this unique long wallet also features lots of things inside and out! Its exterior is so distinctive that it can easily stand out from others. Moreover, the details on it are created with stylish colors and images! It is sealed with a zipper and has spacious slots for coins, full cash and cards! Color available is brown only!
- Something that's unique and stylish, this cute wallet is perfect for you. Its fancy exterior is adored by many! It can both work as a wallet or a clutch due to its functionality and style! It is sealed with a magnetic enclosure and has an extra wristlet to it! Though it only has one spacious slot for everything, it can still store many valuables!
- Casually carried, this long wallet is surprisingly functional despite the fact that it's shorter than a regular long wallet! Inside, it has plenty of slots for cards and full bills! It's fancy and easy to carry as it is lightweight. Another reason is it's made of quality soft leather! This measures 18cm x 11cm. Colors available are black and coffee!
- This aesthetically designed long wallet has been raved by many because of its exquisite and distinctive exterior design. It comes with a wristlet attached to it! Moreover, it is securely sealed with a zipper! Available in black, it has a measurement of 20cm x 10cm. Its interior is quite spacious too for it has some rooms for cash, cards, check and change or coins!
- Add this cool small wallet to your outwear, and you're on for a complete style! This could be your go-to accessory because of its catchy style and helpful usage! It comes with a keyring so you can connect a chain to it! This wallet measures 13,2cm x 10cm x 2.5cm and is available in three colors- gray, tan and bronze! Go out and about with this simple yet incredible wallet!
- Sleek and unique, hands down to this handmade billfold wallet for its distinctive design and uncomplicated features! It comes with an irregular shape that's why it's easy to remember as a wallet! Despite its portable size, this wallet can both hold coins and cards! Colors available are camel and green. It has a measurement of 11cm x 9.5cm x 2cm.
- This triple-layered billfold wallet is actually high quality and showcases plenty of functions. For one, it's made of soft leather! It's sealed with both an enclosure and a zipper. Furthermore, it can hold cards, cash and coins all at full capacity! This wallet won't fail anyone! It measures 12.5cm x 10cm x 8cm and is available in three colors- gray, brown and bronze!
- One that comes with a chain is this short billfold wallet! Made of genuine leather, this essential is something that you can bring wherever you go without the uncertainty of having it slipped off your pockets! Available in coffee, this measures 11.5cm x 9.5cm x 2.2cm! It has slots for coins, full bills and cards. Moreover, it's sealed with a zipper!
- Are you a minimalist and prefers not so complicated details on your wallet, then this billfold might be the one for you! Low-key and easy to use, this wallet, despite its petite size, can actually store enough cash, cards and change/coins. Available in brown- it has a measurement of 11cm x 9cm x 2cm. Go out and about with this modishly plain wallet!
- Perfect for ladies! This billfold wallet comes with a beautiful design ornamented with a concho as part of its magnetic enclosure! Small in size, this wallet is actually trifold and can hold coins, cards and cash! It has a measurement of 10cm x 10cm x 2cm. Colors available are brown, black, tan and coffee.
- The best choice if you want your wallet inside your front pocket is this card wallet that also works as a coin purse because of the extra zipped slot for it! It is slim in shape and portable in size, this wallet is good for simple outwear! Available in brown and coffee- it has a measurement of 11.8cm x 9cm x 2cm! Aiming for a simple wallet? You might want to consider this one!