As the temperature rises, the favourite summer has arrived. Unlike other seasons, layering is not a good idea in summer, and you don't want to wear several layers of pieces to withstand the heat of summer. If you are tired of dressing before and want to try a different summer fashion, you must check out how Korean men do it. Some simple single pieces take on completely different styles under their combination And glamour. Whether you are going on a daily trip or going out to play on weekends, it will inspire you. Without further ado, let's get started

1.White&Black Striped Polo Shirt + Black Slim Fit Casual Dress Pants + White Casual Walking Sneaker


2.Dark Khaki Graphic T-Shirt + White T-Shirt + Black Loose Jogger Cargo Pants + Gray New Balance 992 Sneakers


3.White Loose Graphic T-Shirt + Blue Baggy Loose High Waist Ripped Jeans 


4.Blue Short Sleeve Pullover Polo Shirt Style Cuban Shirt + Khaka Straight Leg Casual Dress Pants + Straw Boater Hat


5.White T-Shirt + Blue Slim Fit Ankle Jeans + Black Platform Oxford Brogue Shoes


6.Tea Green Long Sleeve Striped Button-up Shirt + Black Tapered Ankle Dress Pants + Black Platform Oxford Brogue Shoes.


7.Black Loose Sleeveless Muscle T-Shirt + Black Loose Jogger Shorts + Black Hipster Flip Flop Sandal


8.Gray Loose Graphic T-Shirt + Dark Gray Baggy Loose Casual Dress Pants + White Classic Clog


9.White Short Sleeve Polo Shirt + Dark Gray Baggy Loose Patterned Shorts + Black Graphic Canvas Sneakers 


10.White Striped Baggy Loose Button Down Dress Shirt + Blue Washed Baggy Denim Shorts + Light Gray New Balance 327


11.Black Sleeveless Pullover Crew Neck Vest + White T-Shirt + Black Jogger Shorts


12.Black Loose Sleeveless Muscle T-Shirt + Black Baggy Loose Sweatpants + Black Hipster Flip Flop Sandal


13.Gray Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt + White T-Shirt + Black Straight Leg Jeans + Black Cap 


14.Coffee Straight Leg Casual Pants with Suspenders + Caramel Linen Half Sleeve Button Down Shirt + Red Brown Leather Work Boots


15.Winter Mood Color Straight Leg Casual Pants + Light Gray Seersucker Half Sleeve Plaid Button Down Shirt + Gray Plaid Brogue Shoes


16.Jade Color Graphic T-Shirt + White T-Shirt + Black Loose Jogger Cargo Pants + White Starter Trainer


17.Space Blue Baggy Loose Half Sleeve Button Down Shirt + White Loose Graphic T-Shirt + White Baggy Loose Casual Shorts + Gray&Blue Sneakers


18.Blue Slim Fit Short Sleeve Denim Shirt + White Slim Fit  T-Shirt + Light Khaki Slim Fit Ankle Dress Pants + Off-White Canvas Sneakers 


19.Khaki Baggy Loose Half Sleeve Button Down Shirt + White Loose T-Shirt +Black Baggy Loose Spliced Basketball Running Shorts + Nike Air Force 1 07 WB Flax Wheat Gum Light Brown CJ9179-200


20.Camel Baggy Loose Sleeveless Multi-Pocketed Fishing Vest + White Baggy Loose T-Shirt + Gray Baggy Loose Plaid Casual Pants + White Chunky Sneakers