When it comes to the classic pattern of menswear, the pattern based on simple lines - stripes can be said to be the first. From the earliest striped suits to the striped T-shirts and dress shirts that can be seen everywhere for centuries, it can be said that stripes, as a classic pattern of menswear, have never left the stage. The horizontal and vertical stripes can visually bring tension to allow him to meet the different needs of people of different sizes and heights. Do you say it's stylish? Not necessarily, but it's classic. None of them are particularly trendy or outdated. It's there. That's why wearing vertical stripes can feel like a change in rhythm.
Korean men seem to know how to make stripes different. They are good at finding the difference in the ordinary and the fashion in the unfashionable. Whether it is a different cut or a different combination, they seem to be proclaiming that they are more talented. Without further ado, let's take a look at how Korean men dress up in striped outfits

1.White Loose Long Sleeve T-Shirt + Black&White Loose Stripped Straight-Leg Casual Pants + White Post Up Basketball Shoes + Black Cap


2.White Slim FIt Short Sleeve Linen T-Shirt + Dark Gray Loose Stripped Tapered Jogger Pants  + Adidas Men's Originals Superstar Casual Shoes in White


3.Light Blue Loose Baggy Loose Long Sleeve Oxford Shirt + White Loose Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Black&White Stripped Baggy Loose Shorts


4.Wide Brim Panama Hat + Light Gray Stripped Slim Polo Shirt + Black&White Paisley Scarf + Off White Linen Ankle Pants + Tan Brogue Shoes


5.Light Yellow Stripped Half Sleeve Button Shirt + Off-White Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt + Light Yellow Stripped Half Pants + White Crew Socks + Keen Uneek Sandals White + Light Camel Bucket Hat


6.Peacock Green&White Tucked In Long Sleeve Button Shirt + Light Khaki Slim Fit Dress Pants 


7.Navy&White Tucked In Half Sleeve Sailor Stripped T-Shirt + Light Blue Washed Slim Denim Ankle Pants + White Hipster Flip-Flops


8.Dark Khaki Short Sleeve Denim T-Shirt + Dark Navy Stripped Slim Fit Denim Half Pants Shorts 


9.Light Blue & White Stripped Slim Long Sleeve Button Shirt + Black Slim Fit Tapered Ankle Dress Pants + Black Hipster Leather Slipper


10.Navy Tucked In Stripped Rollup Sleeve Cuban Shirt + Khaki Stripped Linen Casual Dress Pants + White Stripped Newsboy Cap + Coffee Vintage Brogue


11.Black Stripped Slim Fit Rollup Half Sleeve Button Shirt + White Slim FIt Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Off-White Linen Half Shorts + Black Denim Low Cut Lace up


12.Blue Baggy Loose Denim Jacket + White Slim Fit Tucked In Short Sleeve T-Shirt  + Black Stripped Loose Straight-Leg Casual Pants + Black Hipster Platform Leather Slipper


13.Gray&white Slim Fit Tucked In Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Black Slim FIt Ankle Dress Pants + Black Crew Socks + Black Leather Boat Shoes


14.Navy&White Baggy Loose Long Sleeve Button Shirt + White Tucked In Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Black Baggy Loose Dress Pants


15.Black&White Slim Fit Long Sleeve Button Shirt + Black Slim Fit Mock Neck T-Shirt + Black Slim Fit Ankle Jeans + Black Crew Socks + Black Leather Boat Shoes


16.Wide Brim Panama Hat + White&Navy Tucked In Stripped Half Sleeve Button Shirt + Stone Color Loose Dress Pants + Orange&White Oxford Shoes


17.Black&White Half Sleeve T-Shirt + Black Slim Fit Shorts + Light Gray New Balance 327


18.Navy&White Tucked In Slim Stripped Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Dark Blue High Waist Straight-Leg Jeans + New Balance White & Silver 530 Sneakers


19.Gray&Black Tucked In Short Sleeve Cuban Shirt + Black Slim FIt Ankle Dress Pants + Black Crew Socks + Black Leather Platform Oxfords Shoes


20.White Slim Fit Short Sleeve T-Shirt + Burgundy Loose Tapered 3/4 Linen Pants +  Black Hipster Leather Slipper